I've googled and not found a identify answer, mostly people saying that it's not easy and also depends on this and also that. Is there an accurate method to measure fresh herbs? I just want to understand how countless basil leaves space in a cup roughly.

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Basil's smell is walk to it is in dependent top top a selection of factors...age that leaf once picked, growing conditions, etc. It's ideal to walk by taste fairly than through a certain amount, nevertheless of if the recipe specifies variety of leaves, mass in grams, or volume.

If make a recipe because that the an initial time, I'd suggest including in about 80% that what the cooking recipes calls for, climate tasting it, and then adding much more if friend think it requirements more. It's a pretty strong flavor for this reason it must be straightforward to distinguish in your final dish!

It likewise depends on the variety. Some are stronger, sweeter, spicier, and also sharper than others. At some point if my basil isn't especially fragrant or at its peak, i add an ext to the recipe to compensate.

I'll just add that it also depends on her taste (or the taste that the person you're cooking for).

And if the recipe has actually been multiply (or divided) the quantities will be off anyway.

I'd suggest including in about 80% the what the cooking recipes calls for, climate tasting it, and also then adding much more if you think it needs more.

Great tip for...pretty much anything when using one ingredient/recipe friend don't understand well.

Unless it's clearly stated that whole leaves must be offered for measurement, I typically make a chiffonade and measure it that way.


Is there an accurate means to measure fresh herbs?

By weight

The graph I linked to above says basil is around 1.4 oz to a cup, chopped

I always thought by weight was the ideal over volume. I functioned in a experienced (air estimates maybe crucial for that one) kitchen and also got take it a brand-new asshole for questioning if ns was measure up freshly cut herbs by load or volume. They wanted me to use silver bullets i m sorry were apparently two ounces every bullet. They looked in ~ me prefer I to be crazy as soon as I inquiry if ns was measuring by load or volume.

I didn't question it in the kitchen since I wasn't the ceo but due to the fact that then if a recipe calls because that a details weight, ns go weight. I've discovered going by instinct is usually the best.

Best method to measure up herbs is in grams. Due to the fact that from experience a cup that loosely packed basil is about 50-60grams. Yet then again you have the right to have it pack tight or if u require a cup that chopped basil. Basically hard to give you one answer.

For any fresh herb and also volumetric measurement, the isn't a an exact science. Also if you can perfectly measure by amount, there's so much variation in potency amongst herbs the it doesn't yes, really matter.

I normally just eyeball the in terms of exactly how much would loosely pack right into the measure cup.

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