It can come together a shocking surprise to several of you the end there the Stuart Appleby had actually surgery ~ above the damaged meniscus in his right knee a couple of days ~ the Masters. That really same surgical treatment was perform on Tiger "Mentally Tough" Woods almost one mainly later.

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Appleby defined that the knee to be sore because that the first pair of weeks, yet was 100 percent prepared for U.S. Open. Interesting.

We"re the town hall a guy who deserve to bench-press 400 pounds totter a 1-pound club right into a ball that weighs one ounce, and also Johnny müller is trying to tell us that we"re angry the greatest feat in the history of mankind.

Now, I"m city hall ESPN, i m sorry is trying to tell me that Tiger"s victory is similar to the joined States" hockey success at the 1980 Olympics over the Soviet Union.

As ESPN web page 2 so aptly mentions, an NHL player more than likely returns native a knee limit in around a pair weeks. Mike Milbury, the former player and GM, nicely explains that, "I"m gonna readjust the surname now. It"s walk to be "Tiger Wuss".

"Here"s a guy who took around three month to get over simple arthroscopic surgery. Girlfriend look in ~ (Pittsburgh Penguins forward) Ryan Malone. His challenge exploded v a slap shot...and he"s back in ten minutes."


And, in the background, Stuart Appleby is laughing in ~ the world since he to know it"s nothing and Tiger"s just being a baby.

Just because America desires a sports hero walk not typical we must make castle up. Tiger"s an typical golfer who occurred to gain lucky for a streak that 91 holes in a row. He happened to have actually a small boo-boo ~ above his knee while he went out and swung a one lb toothpick 70 times.

I"m certain all the carpenters and also the charcoal miners feel really bad for him.

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