Shocking earnings of WWE NXT superstar revealed. The Black and Yellow Brand to be officially well-known as the third show back in 2019.

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Is NXT a developmental show? To many it is however according come the WWE it is a third brand ~ above par v RAW and SmackDown. They even participated in the 2019 Survivor collection and won 4 the the 7 Interbrand matches on the card.

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They walk not get involved in the salary per view last year, however that is understandable as result of the pandemic. However, it is tough to safeguard its standing as a third brand when contact ups tho exist. A report native Dave Meltzer further illustrates the disparity in between the NXT and also the WWE stars.

Shocking salaries of WWE NXT superstars revealed

NXT is a successful present on that own. RAW and also SmackDown however, have a much broader reach. RAW and SmackDown execute not just have much more people watching your show yet they likewise pay your performers means more than what NXT does.

“They’re no making $250,000 or $300,000 or anything like that — Balor I’m certain is, yet I don’t think anyone else is,” Meltzer stated on the latest episode of rings Observer Radio. “They’re most likely in the low $100,000’s…. I know one top person in NXT who’s been there because that a long time, and he have to be do a ton, yet he’s do $130,000…. So, they’re making choose $130,000, $150,000. Adam Cole may be make a tiny more, he must be. It is the range.”

“NXT, you normally see the begin at prefer $60,000, perhaps $50,000 relying on who girlfriend are,” the continued. “If you’re prefer a man who was a football player you will do it get an ext and then you’ll gain raises come a specific point. There might be guys who make more than that, yet not lot more.”

The salaries mentioned above are no all the low but they pale in comparison come what the highest possible earners obtain in the WWE. Follow to a report native The winter last year, Brock Lesnar pocketed $12 Million while man Cena do $8.5 Million.

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Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and AJ styles round increase the optimal 5 with $5 Million, $4.5 Million and also $3.6 Million respectively.

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