2020 Honda public Weight & Dimensions

The 2020 Honda civic is a reliable car that has an efficient, compact size as a modern sedan also as perfect curb weight that guarantees much less complications all at once for acquiring around. For residents in the Orlando, FL, area, this new 2020 Honda civic model checks every one of the crate for the quality, convenient sedan the is certain to make life simpler with every day.

Test journey the 2020 Honda civic at Headquarter Honda in Orlando, FL, this day to obtain a feel for the size and weight and ultimately uncover what has been missing from her life as a modern Honda driver.

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exactly how much does the 2020 Honda civic weigh?

The 2020 Honda civic is a traditional sedan v an average all at once size and weight. Because that the Honda driver in the Orlando, FL, area, the Honda public has a curb weight of up to 2,762 lbs v the 6MT trim level and also has a curb weight of 2,771 lbs with the CVT trim. This conventional weight renders the 2020 Honda public a top contender.

2,762 lbs with 6MT2,771 lbs v CVT





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Why buy from Headquarter Honda close to Orlando, FL?

Headquarter Honda is a valued Honda dealer located in Orlando, FL. The dealership offers customers in the surrounding locations with quality products and excellent services year-round, and with the vast new Honda inventory, finding that ideal new model fitting her taste and also lifestyle will certainly be a breeze here at Headquarter Honda.

Schedule one appointment v the Honda company Center or the Finance Center, or visit Headquarter Honda in Orlando, FL, to browser the new inventory and also test drive any of the new models available, consisting of the 2020 Honda Civic. We look front to offer you the ideal we can!