There is a lot of dispute out in the world around Jeep tough tops. Trying to find precise weight for these hard tops is a challenging process and will count on the year and make of your vehicle.

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Jeeps are recognized for their capability to change and change as the user needs to do changes. Girlfriend will often see a Jeep owner driving under the highway v the doors off, and you may an alert that they have actually a soft optimal or a tough top (meaning the product is soft or hard) ~ above the peak of the vehicle.

How much Do Jeep tough Tops Weigh?

Jeep hardtops deserve to weigh everywhere from 80 to 140 pounds and also will readjust depending top top the various Jeep Wrangler models that are out there. In general, you can estimate an mean weight the 100 pounds for a hardtop yet it all counts on the model of Jeep girlfriend have.

This will certainly vary depending upon what model you have and also whether you have actually extra panels or home windows still attached in the difficult top.

If you want to recognize how hefty a jeep limitless hardtop is, that absolutely weighs in in ~ 100 pounds without consisting of the freedom tops.

Every time you have actually a varying weight aspect, girlfriend will include a little bit to the load for these various items.


Hard optimal Overview

When adding a difficult top to a Jeep, there are a few things that vehicle owners desire to accomplish. Because that one, they are probably searching for a more durable choice for your Jeep.

Hard tops space often much more popular in the phibìc or various other climates whereby cold weather is viewed frequently due to the fact that they space going to provide insulation because that the passenger in her Jeep.

Whether the is the cold or the snow, difficult tops are going to give you protection from the aspects that you yes, really don’t receive once you’re driving with a soft top.

The tough top is obviously much more rigid 보다 the soft height models, and that means that they space going to it is in stronger and hold up far better over time 보다 a soft top.

Hard tops room a better choice if you space planning on owning her Jeep for a lengthy time or girlfriend don’t desire to deal with a replacement because of natural wear and tear on a soft top.

There room a range of difficult top models the will change how you room able to deal with them when modifying your Jeep. Hard tops are available as a 1-piece version or a 2-piece model.

Generally, you’re going to need a second person to assist you through a hard top even if it is you are putting it ~ above or taking it off due to the fact that of the bulky size and the weight involved.

Even if you have actually a difficult top that is in the direction of the lighter side, the size provides it difficult to handle. They’re likewise a lot more difficult to save than soft tops due to the fact that of their bulky size and also you are unable to fold them.


Hard Top compared to Soft Top

With a hard top model, you obtain a most benefits that space unavailable come you if you decide to go with a soft top. You will obtain a much more durable optimal to the Jeep as well as an insulated ride.

That can be a lot much more comfortable for her passengers. Top top the object of comfort, you’ll likewise reduce the wind flapping and also making a lot of noise when driving.

Hard tops are much easier to clean and also therefore offer some convenience. What isn’t convenient is the reality that they are heavier and you can’t merely remove them easily on the go.

If she storing your tough top to her Jeep, it may take up a lot of of space so you’ll have actually to arrangement for that appropriately as well.

Soft top are definitely the less complicated model to switch out, and also you can also store them within of the Jeep chin if necessary.

They room harder to clean and will cause hotter temperature on warmer days and also colder temperatures during the Winter i beg your pardon is usually the precise opposite the what friend want.

Can You put a tough Top ~ above a Soft optimal Jeep?

Some Jeep owners wrongly think that since they to buy a soft top Jeep model, they space doomed come only have the soft peak on their auto for year to come. This is no the case.

You deserve to put a difficult top on any type of Jeep the you own, but the hard top demands to be made particularly for your year Jeep and your model. This is due to the fact that that the Jeep models vary in dimension which is true even for various years that the very same models.

You would must remove the soft optimal to fit the tough top ~ above to her Jeep correctly.

While it might seem the your difficult top deserve to go top top seamlessly, you will most likely be damaging the old soft height which is not something the you want to do.

The good news is that you carry out have versatility so if you think the you want to switch out between the 2 versions, friend will be able to although you will need to install them and un-install them.


Removing a Wrangler hard Top

On a Jeep Wrangler, you space going to have to release the flexibility panels in the front fifty percent of the hard top. Indigenous there, friend will should remove the bolts and you will be an excellent to take the panels off and also store them where you need to.

After the panels space off, you’ll must remove the Torx bolts and also the extr bolts if you have the four door model. You’ll then need to remove the defroster harness and washer tubing.

After all of these connections have actually been taken treatment of, you’ll be good to remove the difficult top itself.

If you’re not acquainted with just how much a Jeep hardtop Wrangler weighs, it will most likely require two world due to the weight and the bulky size of the piece.

There are services that you have the right to think increase where just one person is required, however that takes a bit much more work.

Storing a Jeep hard Top

The Jeep difficult top is a nice bulky item of tools that is not easy to store. It’s form is not regular and it no fit in many places very easily. The best solution is to use a carrier dolly.

You can secure the hardtop through straps top top the transport dolly.

Unfortunately, it no really cost-free up any space that the hardtop bring away up, but it must be less complicated to move around with it and also get the hardtop out of her way.

It’s among the flaw when selecting the hard top together an option is that storage is going come be fairly inconvenient. Be prepared for that as soon as it concerns storing her heavy and bulky difficult top.

Switching From hard Top come Soft Top

If you space experiencing a change in the weather, you’re probably going to desire to move from your hard top to the soft peak that is lighter and much more bearable in the Summer months.

Removing your difficult top is much less complicated if you have actually a T40 torx bit. You deserve to probably manage this project alone if you have a hoist and also a storage dolly, however if no you are probably going to require a 2nd person to help you out as result of the hefty weight that the hard top.

Positioning the soft top need to be a little easier, although you will should be certain that you have the frame, cloth cover, and soft windows all in the correct spot.

Taking the soft height on and also off must be much much easier than the difficult top due to the light nature that the material. You can even change the soft optimal on the fly if you are out and around and have to take it on or off.


Cleaning Your difficult Top

One the the benefits of picking a tough top for your Jeep auto is clean it. Clean a tough top is really easy because you can clean it as you room cleaning the remainder of her vehicle.

Jeep owners have a lot of pride in your vehicle, so also though they obtain dirty top top the trail, you have the right to bet that they space going come clean it pretty quickly.

Again, the difficult top need to be may be to attend to whatever you use to clean the rest of her Jeep automobile although you might want to watch out if you are using harsh cleaners.

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Jeep difficult tops have the right to weigh anywhere from 80 come 140 pounds, and will change depending on the miscellaneous Jeep Wrangler models that are out there.

A hardtop 2000 Jeep Wrangler will certainly not have actually the same specifications as a 2020 model, but removing the tough tops remains relatively doable, especially if you have actually two world available.

These difficult tops room not fairly as flexible as the soft top are, but you have the right to keep them well cleaned and well kept with a little of practice.

Using a hard top is a great way to insulate yourself and keep your Jeep sturdy for year to come.