A monster truck traditionally comprises of a pickup truck that has actually been totally modified native its factory version and also outfitted with larger tires and a bigger suspension. Although there are human being who still drive modified pickup trucks, there has actually been an increased uptake the themed vehicles and SUVs (sports energy vehicles). Unlike in the past where metal was the usual material, many bodies are today made using fiberglass. 

When it pertains to their weight, a monster van is compelled to have a minimum load of 10,000 pounds. Over there are, however, a few that have a total weight that 12,500 pounds. Weight is vital factor in monster trucks as it plays a direct function on the complete strength that have the right to be injected into its engine and body frame brief of compromising the maneuverability and swiftness. 


The engine that a monster van is normally methanol-injected, supercharged, and also built according to custom specifications. The sheer size alone way that the engine quickly consumes two and a fifty percent gallons that gas through each complete run. 

Its motor size is often limited to five hundred and also seventy-five cubic displacement feet. For monster trucks taking component in expert or compete shows, you will discover that the team behind the will normally burn increase to five engines in a span of twelve months. An average monster truck will certainly cost roughly $250,000 while a single engine will expense you $50,000. 


It is not possible to talk about monster trucks without stating their really large tires. All monster trucks are compelled to operation the same collection of tires. The tires should be sixty-six customs tall and forty-three inch wide. Every tire ought to run in between eight and ten lbs of pressure. This method that the tire will weigh in between eight hundred and also nine hundreds lbs. 

All tires supplied by the vain or experienced monster trucks space custom-made through BKT, Firestone, and Goodyear. BKT additionally happens to it is in the official tire supplier of many monster truck competitions, e.g., Monster Jam. The firm also manufactures tires for usage by agriculture machines also as big farm tractors. It takes an median of fifty hours to reduced each tires to be used on a truck. Each tire expenses an typical of $2,600. 


The axles in usage by contemporary monster trucks room a custom build and tend come be very solid. The axles should have the ability to withstand the impact that have the right to be dished out by the monster truck, its tremendous torque, and its horsepower. 

In previous years, monster truck developers relied on actors steel armed forces grade axles. The difficulty with this set of axles is that they no only damaged down more often, but they additionally happened come be really heavy in order to compromising your speed and swiftness. 

Each van comes v two lockers: front and rear. The objective of this lockers is come make sure that the differential is constantly engaged. They additionally serve to provide equal power to every the wheel in the truck. Supplication of equal strength is necessary as it provides sure that also when all the other wheels are in the air and also only one wheel is emotional the ground, the driver is quiet able come accelerate without encountering any kind of issues. 


As mentioned earlier, the body of the median monster van is created using fiberglass and also not metal as numerous enthusiasts seem come believe. Its human body is likewise custom designed relying on the template that the team or truck owners desire to go with for that certain truck. 

Once the design is complete, the fiberglass is molded on come the frame. A body will certainly on mean cost about $15,000. If friend are in search of a remake, this will certainly cost approximately $8,000. 


Many trucks space today making use of nitrogen gas shocks in your runs. There are those that usage a solitary shock for each tire, if others select to use 2 shocks per tire. Each shock parcel comes complete with a spring and coil-over-shock kit. 

In countless cases, the nitrogen gas shocks are set up in each and also every corner of the monster truck. Once combined, the shocks carry out twenty-eight customs of travel. Friend can also easily adjust their firmness based upon the train as well as the firmness of the track being provided for the runs. In the at an early stage days (early and also mid-90’s), sheet springs were used on the trucks. The downside to this is that these springs were just able to administer between four and also six inch of travel. This is in enhancement to break every so often. 

It is, therefore, remarkable to point out that the nitrogen shocks are considered to be a significant improvement. These space shocks the make it possible for the truck to run high and also as far as possible. And after all, this is what the audience in the competition stands payment to see. 

Paint Job

All trucks need to be painted in order to hide the unstable fiberglass that makes up its human body frame. Truck owners can select to usage vinyl wrapped stickers or opt because that a experienced paint job. Airbrushing is the recommended an option for those that desire to paint their trucks. 

Often, girlfriend will keep in mind that the van will should be repainted after ~ each and also every show. Because that this to occur, the body have to be gotten rid of from the truck, airbrushed and then replaced ago on the frame. 


The security of the spectators, and also that the the drivers, is always given priority when the trucks space being designed. Each truck comes v a variety of safety measures which guarantees that even if any part breaks down, that will remain close to the truck and will not be thrown in the spectator stands. 

A an excellent example of together a safety and security measure is the environment of a braided stole cable. The cable is supplied to ensure that each and every wheel is securely attached come its axle. The purpose of this details safety measure is come make sure that in case the wheel spindle breaks down, the influenced wheel will not it is in thrown off, but will instead remain tied come the side of the truck. 


Another essential safety measure up that easily stands out in each truck is the visibility of a shielded driveshaft. Each shaft, both in the rear and front of the truck need to be caged in utilizing bars and steel rings. 

The function of this cage is come make certain that the shaft will not spin turn off from the auto once it division down. The van brakes can be discovered at every shaft. This method that the van does not have lots the mechanical equipment or lines running throughout each tire. 

Instrument Panel and also Transmission

All tools panels are quite similar in the they function the standard indications for voltage, temperature, and oil pressure. 2 handles that have the right to be supplied to promptly cut power and fuel are also supplied. Transmission is quite basic. They make up of automatic Powerglide transmissions with two gears. Here, the first gear is provided to get the auto moving before instantly shifting into the 2nd gear as the RPMs begin to increase. 

Fire Extinguishers

Given the size, torque, and horsepower lugged by each engine, the is not uncommon to find trucks capturing fire when on a run.

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Together such, the trucks require to have actually a set of onboard extinguishers located close to its engine. It is yet an additional safety feature which helps the driver put off any kind of flames that may startup as soon as they space on a run. Apart from the 2 extinguishers located close to the engine, there is one more onboard extinguisher the is within the driver’s reach. 


Based on all the attributes that have been explained above, that is rather easy to see why all monster van are heavy and likewise why they price a happiness to construct from the floor up.