Hi, guys!We space trying to acquire some information on this and wondering if anyone deserve to help.Normally it is 60 situations of beer because that a pallet, ns believe.Does anyone have an example of a common configuration through the dimensions and also the weight? also when calculating the dimensions, execute you incorporate the pallet as well?Thank girlfriend so much for her help!

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We stack cased, bottled beer 60high ~ above a traditional 40"x48" pallet making use of the configuration below. Revolve the case patter 180degrees because that each layer. 12 cases per layer, 5 layers equates to 60 cases. Instances of bottled beer weighs roughly 19 pounds or so and also the pallet is approximately 25-35 pounds. Yes, encompass the pallet in the size if the pallet is going to component of the shipment. Total weight approximately 1175. Sorry, ns don"t have the size width and also height off the top of my head.Prost!Dave

We go 80 instances per pallet, ten situations per row, of heritage bottles. No troubles with tipping over. 8 fifty percent bbls per pallet, two pallets high. 20 sixth bbls every pallet, two pallets high.

Hi, guys!We are trying to get some details on this and wondering if anyone have the right to help.Normally the is 60 situations of beer for a pallet, ns believe.Does everyone have an instance of a typical configuration with the dimensions and also the weight? likewise when calculating the dimensions, perform you encompass the pallet together well?Thank you so lot for your help!

Just curious but how many instances of longneck party fit on a pallet come be shipped to wholesalers?Would anyone recognize how plenty of cans to the right on a pallet to be shipped out?Also how numerous kegs?
12oz bottles we do 50 situations to a pallet. 10 situations per great 5 layers.16oz can be ~ we perform 70 instances to a pallet. 10 instances per class 7 layers.1/4bbl kegs space 12 to a pallet(even despite 16 fits)1/2bbl kegs room 8 to a pallet.it really relies on your distribution needs/ what they desire from you

+1. An excellent info here. I did shipping logistics because that a microbrewery for a couple of years, in addition to gift head brewer. Part trucking companies have actually their own requirements for weight/number the pallets per truck, yet for the most component it"s nice standard across the board.100 cases cans every pallet

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33 lbs per instance (we provided to walk 60 every pallet until our biggest local distributor asked us to go to 72 due to the fact that it makes sense space-wise top top a truck and also in a warehouse)8 1/2 bbl kegs per pallet, twin stacked, 165 lbs every keg20 1/6 bbl kegs every pallet, twin stacked, 58 lbs per kegYour typical wood pallet weighs 30 lbs, so be certain to aspect that weight in once calculating the load

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