Are you having a destination wedding or ultimately sold her wedding dress online and also now require to number out exactly how to ship it? this particular day is her lucky day because we have actually put together the ultimate overview on how to pack and ship a wedding dress.

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Package it properly. This will certainly ensure the dress is not damaged in transit. (Remember, package will be loaded onto trucks, conveyor belts and potentially airplanes. The handlers will certainly not be mindful of the valuable cargo inside).Insurance: insure it for the value/selling price. Tracking: use a trackable technique and require a signaturerelease.International shipping will have actually import duties and also fees: buyers should be aware of theircountry'sduties and also taxes once importing a dress from one more country. Each country is different!Who pays for shipping? Typically, the buyer pays for the shipping expense (and any type of duty or taxes if applicable). This quantity is added to the asking price for a last amount.

Quick Guide:Packaging a Wedding dress Correctly

Use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. Discover one at her local article Office or UPS store for minimal price (typically under $5).Fold the gown as required and also use plastic to covering it (for the unlikely but feasible eventthat package gets wet).Seal the flaps and also seams with strong mailing tape that is a minimum width of two inches.Place the shipping label on top and also avoid placing the label over a seam/closure or on peak of the tape. Placed a duplicate brand (with a phone number) within the box.

Shipping prices Calculators

Shipping prices will vary based upon the location and also dimensions of your package (expect a large ballgown to cost much more to ship than a simple sheath). Once you recognize your buyer's location, girlfriend can gain a shipping calculation from any type of of these carriers.


Calculate Shipping Costs


Calculate Shipping Costs


Calculate Shipping Costs

Shipping a Wedding dress Internationally

If you room shipping your dress from the united state to Canada, friend can get an estimate of the duty dues here. Customs/Duty for other global shipments need to be questioned directly v your shipping provider. You have the right to expect to salary importing fees, local taxes (like a normal purchase), and any duties your government has applied on importing clothing goods.

In-Depth Guide: just how to pack andShip A Wedding Dress

Take it the end of the conservation Box

Werecommend removing your dress from the sealed crate to take it photos to present the the person who lives its current condition. Buyers will desire to confirm if there room any little flaws (like a absent button) before purchasing, and these are details that have the right to go unnoticed prior to it to be sealed. These images also permit the buyer to assess the current condition so the they won't have any surprises once they purchase.

You can constantly include pictures of your dress in the box, and also then remove it and also put it on a hanger to take a pair of extra shots to display how it looks currently and to check the tags. Make certain to wash your hands and not include hand lotion before handling the dress together body oils and also lotions deserve to be damaging.

Get the appropriate Box

Any old box will certainly not do once it involves shipping a wedding dress. And you probably won’t know exactly what size and also sturdiness you need (unless you space in the shipping business). The ideal place to get a crate to ship her wedding dress is at the bridal shop whereby you bought it.

You see, many bridal shops obtain wedding dress deliveries every day. And also luckily because that you, they commonly save some boxes for when they need to ship gowns out. These are the perfect box to delivery a wedding dress due to the fact that it is what the designers use to delivery gowns come the boutiques.

If friend cannot obtain a crate from a bridal boutique, climate you can gain one indigenous a regional UPS or Fedex store. Friend will want to acquire a box that is a tiny bigger than your gown once it is urgently in half. Don’t gain a crate that is too small because then her dress will need to be crammed right into it i m sorry may cause damage, and for certain will cause wrinkles. This will make the presentation of her gown once it is unboxed look horrible.

Most wedding gowns will certainly fit into a crate that is 18 x 16 X 9.

Prepare your Gown

We all recognize what happens with boxes once they are put right into the delivery trucks or onto a plane. Ever before watch luggage gift loaded and also unloaded top top a plane? Or watch her local distribution driver set boxes under in the rain? What! In stimulate to protect your gown native damage, you need to take the moment to prepare it properly before you box it up.

If her wedding dress has actually beading on it you will need to wrap it through some type of muslin cloth. Doing this keeps the towel from getting caught on the beading which outcomes in snags, pulls, and also runs. You absolutely don’t desire that!

Once you wrap it up, the following step is to fold it. If your bridal shop will aid you then request that they revolve it within out prior to folding it. Again, if over there is beading lock will need to add the muslin towel before transforming it inside out. This is a little unknown tip that most people don’t know! (you can thank united state later). Why is transforming it inside out important? If your crate gets damaged, crushed, or worse...wet during the shipping having actually the gown inside out will protect the outer layers. The layers that would certainly be impacted would it is in the lining and tulle rather of the outer, pretty parts of the gown.

Once that is inside out, place it into a clear, plastic garment bag. Your bridal shop should have actually these and also while they might charge you for it (only a pair of bucks) that will aid protect her gown have to the box obtain wet.

Next, then you can fold it; bodice come the hem. This should allow it come fit nicely in the box.

The Presentation

This part is critical. Don’t simply shove your wedding dress right into the crate in a confusing way. Make it look pretty so that the person that bought that will reap unpacking it. Usage some acid-free tissue document to line the box and also wrap around your gown. Other pretty choose a soft pink tissue document or light blue would certainly be great!

Seal It v A Kiss

Once her dress is properly prepared and also wrapped nicely in nice tissue record your following step is come seal the box. Make sure to usage heavy-duty packing tape. Seal down the length of the facility of the flaps the open and down each side. This helps to save the box from popping open during shipping (you understand if they space throwing it right into the truck and also plane).

If you space shipping the to an additional bride, you may want to consider adding a tiny thank you keep in mind inside the box. Your brand-new bride will certainly love this extra special touch.

Note: if you receive a box from the bridal boutique the is a provided box. There might be some tiny holes from other deliveries. Make certain to tape over these together well. It’s simply an extra precaution.

Label It

This is no an absolutely necessary step but we feel the it can assist with how your dress is handled during the shipping process.

Get yourself the best sharpie you have the right to find and write (neatly) “wedding dress” top top the exterior of your box.

Insure It

Do not miss this step! and do no skimp on just how much insurance money you put on it. The best thing because that you to carry out is to include insurance to the package for the “full value” the the wedding dress. This is necessary if the package gets lost or stolen.

Sign for It

Another advantageous tip is to include the “signature required” to her package. Yes, this is an included fee however if you execute not require a signature to obtain the package it will just be left at the door. If it sit at the door waiting hours for someone to come home it can get stolen.

Speedy Delivery

In order to limit the amount of exposure to damages that your wedding dress gets, girlfriend should think about shipping that the fastest means possible. Fairly than walk snail mail, or ground shipment upgrade it come overnight or two-day shipping.

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That’s it! how to fill & delivery a wedding dress from begin to finish. Our final tip may be the finest of all. If girlfriend don’t need to ship that - don’t. If friend are having actually a location wedding travel through the gown yourself. For much more inspiration and wedding planning tips inspect out our blog.