Want to open an indoor soccer center? offers a wide range of services from the feasibility study of the project up to the training for managing it.

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For many customers in the world, has offered complete advice on building projects in order to open an indoor soccer center.

In particular, provides services on:

Designing a centerSearching for a siteProject and development managementFundingsConstruction of fields and furnishingsPromotion and Management

You can take advantage of all or any combination of our services.

Tip: Do you have your own architect or trusted consultant? We integrate perfectly with your staff and we will be able to help your specialists improve and save money through our technical or operational solutions. To know more Contact us



The indoor soccer business is calling to you, but you want to be sure that your investment will be profitable in the long run?

We own indoor soccer centers ourselves, and we can offer you the operating experience we have gained to give your project the best chance of success. Using 40 key questions, we will help you think about and look for the necessary information before starting off on a project of this size.

The questions we use are based on experience; we won’t administer a “standard” market study to create a nice-looking application for the bank or the investors.




Instead, we look for very specific information and metrics calculated from the top down to the smallest detail, in areas like Real Estate, Finance, Construction, and Marketing. We won’t go looking for data – we want you to be the main player of this process – but we’ll guide you as to what information to look for and how to analyze the results.

Tip: Before deciding how much to invest in your project, you need to understand what the club’s potential turnover is. The same method must be used to define the annual operating costs. Only in this way is the certainty of having a profitable business. Based on our expertise in opening more than 170 centers, we can help you understand the potential of your project. Would you like to receive further advise? Contact us

As for you and your profile, we’ll only deal with specific points that are relevant to a manager of an indoor or outdoor 5 a side soccer center and a business owner.

Tip: If until now you spent your life behind a desk and you are not familiar attending the public, we could advise you to associate with someone who has these qualities. On the contrary, if you are socially active, but you do not know how to reckon, maybe an accounting expert could be your partner in the project. In our database we have over 2500 aspiring developers wanting to open an indoor soccer center. Would you like to know more? Contact us

The results of the investigation are condensed in a professional document that shows, in detail and with proof of facts, the potential of your project and that you can eventually use to start looking for a location, to raise funds or simply reassure yourself and your partners.

More specifically, the output of our work will allow banks and investors to have a full, accurate picture of the project and make a detailed assessment that could help you obtain financial support for your indoor soccer business.


It is no good imagining your future center before you find the ideal space and a sustainable land-agreement.

Our team of Worldwide brokers constantly survey specific markets to identify properties and buildings that meet our strict technical, economic, demographic and commercial criteria.

Tip: A sound land-agreement is key to successfully open an indoor soccer center. Ideally, the rent to be paid should never exceed € 2000 ($3,000 in the US) for each soccer field installed. A rightful rent also benefits the owner of the premises, because it ensures the perennial nature of the project. With over 50 negotiations behind us, we are able to bring the owner and you to a win-win solution. Contact us

Properties are qualified based on zoning ordinances, restrictions on use, existing property conditions such as column spans, slab heights, existing infrastructure, parking, access to/from site and proximity to public transportation and/or major thoroughfares.

Tip: check immediately if the proposed property is in compliance with the commercial use for that destination, if the electrical system is compliant, if there’s enough parking space, and if means of egress are sufficient. Adjustment work could be very costly and make the investment unprofitable. Do you want to know more? Contact us

Indeed, these aspects will dictate the development of your overall project and lead to decisive choices for your future business, for example: type and number of fields, the capacity of the center, sports and other activities on offer, etc.

Once we identify one or several target locations, will assist you in negotiating the best terms with the landlord and help you validate the perfect fit.

Tip: traffic or parking are important variables for site selection. Your customers must be able to arrive and park easily. Visit proposed sites between 5PM and 11PM driving differents routes, because this is the time span with the highest presence of clients and they are coming from different areas. Contact us


To open an indoor soccer center need accurate planning, precise timing and a rational allocation of funds: opening one month late will cause you to lose income.

But to plan well you have to control everything and steal valuable time from your personal training as a club manager.

Dealing with companies is a complicated job if: you’re not an expert you need to be careful.

Tip: Instead of dealing directly with engineers, workers, plumbers, electricians, assign this task to a trusted expert and focus on your future job as a manager: we have seen many of you pretend to know everything about paints, materials, regulations … and then lose € 100,000 a year managing the club! Contact us can help you by working closely with local subcontractors and ensuring that the project meets the set completion date, specifications, and prices.

Tip: REMEMBER THAT If you trust your architect or company consultant, it may be useful to involve us in the development of the project anyway. The process of building indoor soccer centers is very peculiar and we are always able to help the customer’s specialists save money through our technical or operational solutions. Contact us


Having an extraordinary team and a solid project is essential to convince investors and banks to focus on you. Millions of dollars are waiting to be invested in your business in exchange for some action (and actions/shares)!

For example, the average global investment to open an indoor soccer center ranges from $700,000 to $2,500,000 and to get access to a bank loan you need roughly half the sum.

If you do not have this money, you could be helped by private investors. But for this, you should possess specific qualities and knowledge that can convince them that you are the right person for the success of the project.

Our team helps you develop a credible and realistic financing plan to build your project, in order to open an indoor soccer center and at the same time transfer the knowledge you need to convince your prospective investors, or the bank, that your project is solid, and that you and your team are the right people.

Tip: Why wait to have the final project to look for funds? A good preliminary project can be enough to get a few money needed to deepen the feasibility plan and present a very solid project in front of investors and banks. Looking for love money at the beginning of the project helps you also reconsider your initiative and get valuable advice from your friends and family. If you want to know how contact us.Contact us

But what happens if your plan is credible and realistic, you have half the sum and you and your partners make a perfect team … but you do not have access to bank loans because the project is not in your country of residence?

In this case, can help you access alternative funds. We have a vast network of “angel” investors who can also provide mentoring and coaching in addition to money.

We will then evaluate your team and your project, and if there is potential, we will prepare an investment document not aimed at the banks, but at that proliferating group of professionals such as football players, lawyers, serial entrepreneurs – or better still, experienced entrepreneurs interested to help the next generation.


From, you will always get creative ideas to decorate your indoor soccer facility within your budget.

Decorating the soccer center: reception, changing rooms, floor coverings, etc.

We provide ideal solutions for indoor and outdoor soccer centers that are aesthetic, solid and inexpensive. Our technical service will provide the custom construction according to your plans and in accordance with the regulations in force for premises open to the public: reception, restaurant, and bar, lounge, pro-shop, changing rooms for men and women, area for disabled customers, offices, etc…


The choice of decorative material is a fundamental element to successfully complete the project. Our catalog also includes a wide range of floor coverings (parquet, PVC, linoleum, synthetic carpets, etc.). These products are aesthetically appealing and often inexpensive.

Our reception / snack bar / ATM solutions allow you to make the most of your center’s reception space, allowing a single person to manage the store/snack bar/cash desk, and at a price much lower than a traditional snack bar counter.


A wide selection: clothes hangers, benches, lockers, wardrobes, etc. Hundreds of references exist for each configuration. Products that allow you to efficiently equip and complete any space.



Realization of a sports’ center:

Dimensioning changing rooms, designing clubhouses, creating pro shops are all services that can offer. Based on customer needs can offer:

Realizations of rendered images to support your presentation dossier or communication channels;Develop the preliminary design of your sports center from A to Z in order to get permission to build;Support your trusted architect in the design of your sports center;Realize the preparation of your sports center, from the laying of flooring to coverings, to masonry works, all in compliance with the regulations in force for premises open to the public.

Tip:, directly or indirectly, has always had to deal with the spaces that make up the sports centers and knows perfectly their needs and criticalities. For this reason the support of a local architect, who may have never had to deal with places of this kind, is often essential to guarantee common quality spaces. The management of the flows inside a sports center and their separation, as well as the correct sizing of the changing rooms, are essential aspects. Contact us

Tip 2: Sports centers are quite standard and modular types of buildings but are sometimes used in ways that are diametrically opposed from country to country or even in the same country: in the USA, for example, the use of showers is rather reduced compared to European standards, or again the spaces between the fields are much more crowded in the West coast than in the East coast, etc. Contact us


In our philosophy, each club is like the totem in a Native American Village… and you are the Big Chief.

You must become the reference meeting place for your tribe, and there are three factors of success for this: entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

The opening of your indoor soccer center is a key moment.

Make sure that your opening day will be a good start to your new business!

Once you open an indoor soccer center, you still can’t relax. The first six months should be when you create your customer base. Our team of experts will help you design this schedule and look for the best means of communication, monitor your KPI’s and your key assessment factors.

Ready to finally take a break? It’s still not the time, because the best way to make your business last is to create loyalty with your best customers: by better preparing your whole strategy (CRM, HR, Services +, etc.), you’ll be giving yourself better chances to become the meeting place for your whole region.

We constantly survey the market in search of new tools for our clients: video systems to catch and share the highlights of the matches, devices able to track the player’s performance on the field, management tools for your leagues and ladders.

Tip: Use a vertical strategy to satisfy your client. Providing him with all the services that revolve around the soccer field ecosystem (athletic training, technique, organization, clothing, health, catering), you will maximize your return per customer. Contact us

In addition, Shop in Shop, Summer Camps for kids, Championships and inaugural tournaments, videos, and statistics, Fit for Fun … all programs that will help you succeed.

Our clubs can be designed to host eSports events and many other ancillary activities with your core business … with the goal of making your customers active and happy.

Operating cost is also key to the profitability of your business.

We manage indoor soccer centers ourselves, all expenditure relating to managing your future business will be considered and there will be no hidden costs.


A successful center must meet specific economic criteria. The management of indoor soccer centers, in fact, involves significant fixed costs that must be divided among a very large number of users.

In addition, the costs of the realization of the commercial and service areas, i.e. clubhouse, changing rooms, restaurant/bar, as well as start-up costs, vary slightly with the number of fields.

Finally, most of the turnover is generated in a restricted time slot, usually from 4 to 7 hours distributed between 5 PM and 12 AM.

This implies that if the population density allows it, the number of fields necessary to exploit the potential of the club is 8 or 10.

But often you do not have the money to make 10 fields … has the solution. The lease of soccer pitches.

We will lease you a portion of the fields you need* so that you can meet the economic criteria of the project and increase your revenues.

By lowering your investment against your income potential, your return increases further and you will have the opportunity, among others, to attract more investors.

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* subject to credit score.

We took part in the creation of several clubs, take a look at them here: