Blog devoted to posting mean postal weights because that shipping for once you trade stuff virtual or offer things top top ebay. Handy if you dont have actually a scale.

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Domestic and InternationalYou might need a leader to uncover the correct dimensions, check out our side web links for a Printable Ruler.USPS Postage Price CalculatorYou can also schedule pick Ups Online.
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Average Postage load of a blu-ray movie (COMPLETE) weighs an median of 5 oz.Remember to check our other short articles for median postage weights you could need because that gifts during the vacation season.
I"ve taken part common books sizes and also found their mean weights. Ns did 2 usual sizes for Hardcover books and also since paperbacks are a little much more varied ns did 5 sample sizes. I"ve detailed their averages through Dimensions/Pages/Weights.
LxWxH in inches/Avg # the Pages/ Size and also Average variety of pages in aHardcover/Softcover book.HARDCOVER8x6x2/ 735pgs- 1lb 15oz avg8.5x5.5x1.5/460pgs- 1lb 2oz avgPAPERBACKS9.5x6x1--/370pgs- 15oz avg
7x4.25x2/1360pgs-1lb 5oz avg7x4.25x1/590pgs- 9oz avg6.5x9.5x.05/160pgs- 15oz avgI"ll try to article some average weights of college textbooks, next!

Average weight of a:DVD weighs an typical of 4 oz.Xbox 360 video game or a PS3 Game(COMPLETE) weighs an median of 5 oz.Same for a Wii GameA complete CD weighs an median of 4 ozVariables:A 2 key DVD set, weighs an average of 5 oz .If either of these items has a Cardboard Sleeve, include 1 oz come the weight.*Most of this items actually weigh less that 4.5 oz. Yet you have to round increase if that exceeds one ounce, because that shipping purposes.I will do a write-up for books next. This weights room handy if you usage sites like, or just to surname a few.
If friend would prefer to recognize the typical weight of her item, leave a article in this post and also I will try to fullfill your request if i can.

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Average weight of a bubble Mailer
is 1 oz, exact same for a Padded Envelope and Manila Envelope.add 1 oz. If mail a dvd, cd, video game,etc. (disc only) without additional packaging.