Who is Bethany Mota?

Bethany Mota is one American YouTuber from California that is perhaps recognized for her YouTube channel named Macbarbie07. The young talented Vlogger is famous for her colorful videos such together outfit ideas, beauty, beauty tips, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas and also recipes. Her videos commonly hit numerous views at ease with the likes of the youngsters, and this web sensation is an excellent at business too. The fashion icon likewise has her own line of clothing, perfume, and also accessories.

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Personal Life

Bethany Mota was born ~ above the 7th of November 1995, in Merced County, California, United claims of America. She is currently 23 year old.

Birth NameBethany Noel Mota
NicknameMacbarbie07, Bethers, Betherson, Macbarbie, Beth
Date of BirthNovember 7, 1995
Place of BirthMerced County, California, U.S.
Age23 years old
Sun SignScorpio
ProfessionYouTuber, Fashion Designer, Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur

Family and also Education

Bethany’s parents space Tammy and also Tony Mota. She has a sister named Brittany Mota Wiley (aka Briddy Nicole Mota). For education, she attend a public school in the Merced county of California from 3rd to 6th grade and was later enrolled come homeschooling.

Bethany Mota Boyfriend

Bethany Mota has been in a connection with dancer and also YouTuber, Dominic Sandoval due to the fact that 2016. Girlfriend can frequently see him special in her videos. He is reported to it is in 10 year older 보다 her.

She had actually previously date Japanese-American actor and Martial Artist Ryan Potter in 2013.


Physical Statistics

Professional Statistics

Television Debut

Bethany organized a couple of episodes in the first season of lifestyle show, Make Me Over in 2012. Together a dancer, she has actually been featured in number of programs.

Bethany Mota net Worth

Bethany Mota network worth is estimated to be $3.5 million dollars. She has amassed a large fortune in ~ the period of 22 through her likes because that fashion, music, and not to cite her an innovative groundbreaking ideas. She has been unstoppable since 2009. Her tough work and dedication have actually made she the many wanted layout mogul that today. Her network worth has actually doubled over the last couple of years and is estimated she would certainly make a staggering 40- 50% hike in the next few years.

Bethany lives in a modest residence in the gated ar of Los Angeles, California. We do not have actually the specific location and also features of her house to share v youat this time. Us couldn’t able to discover the type of car she owns.

Bethany Mota Favorite Things

Favorite Restaurant – citizens King, McDonald’s, Menchies, Starbucks, Taco Bell, YogurtlandInterests – Napping, Overthinking, Twinkle Lights, Nerd Ropes, MOTAFAM

Bethany Mota on society Media

The American YouTuber, Bethany Mota has established a surname for it s her in the net world. She has actually garnered an ext than 10.3 million subscribers ~ above YouTube, 1.7 million followers on Facebook, 5.2 million pendant on Twitter and 6 million followers on Instagram. Follow she on:

Snapchat – Thebethnoel

Bethany MotaFacts

While most children would it is in busy v academics in ~ the age of 13, Bethany Mota had other ideas.

She launched her YouTube channel, ‘Macbarbie07’ in 2009. She uploaded videos concerned fashion tutorials and ideas to death your lonely time. Her videos instantly grabbed the eyeballs that the youth. She is famous for her haul videos.

Like plenty of other celebrities, she to be bullied at her school, and she at some point shifted her focus on fashion to obtain rid off her tragic worries.

Business Insider defined her together “relentlessly upbeat and bouncy” and “a virtuoso the positivity”.

In 2013, she partnered through J.C. Penny and also Forever 21 and also launched her own line of clothing, perfume, and also accessories.

On October 12, 2014,Mota unveiled her very first single, ‘Need You right Now’ which peeked at Danish optimal 40 charts.

She calls she fans asMota-vators. Herstyle is dubbed as “laid-back-but-girly” by teen Vogue.

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She loves to travel and embarked on a tourism entitled “Motavatour” throughout the joined States.