For a young American woman to success in the male-dominated ar of sports journalism, it takes a the majority of confidence, tough work, skill, and enthusiasm.

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Throughout her, career Erin Andrews has actually displayed all of these characteristics and met every the challenges with patience professionalism.

She is one American journalist, anchor, and also television personality. The satisfied personality came to be famous after ~ she organized the ABC present ‘Dancing v the Stars‘ starting in 2014.

Erin’s effective reporter has worked for networks choose ESPN, Fox Sports, and also many more. She has likewise covered some significant sporting events, consisting of Super Bowl and also the world Series.

Erin andrews is a expert reporter, TV personality, and also sportscaster

Thanks to she appearance everywhere, Erin has become the eye-candy of plenty of and an ideas to aspiring mrs reporters.

On a side note, andrew is additionally deemed together the “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster.” Today, in this article, we will talk more about her career and an individual life.

From her early on work come dating and also even her troubled past with the stalker. Make certain to read till the end.

Quick Facts:

Who is Erin Andrews? at an early stage Life, Family, and also Education

The famous American TV personality, Erin Andrews, to be born as Erin Jill Andrews in Lewiston, Maine.

When she was five, her family moved to miscellaneous places before settling in Valrico, Florida. Likewise, Erin is the daughter that Steven Andrews, a TV journalist, and Paula Andrews, a teacher.

Aside from her parents, Erin has actually a younger sister called Kendra Andrews, a experienced dancer and actress.

Having a father who is a journalist and a six-time Emmy Award-winner, Andrews flourished up the town hall sports and NBA games. Pan of the Boston Celtics, she explains herself as a tomboy together a youth.

Because the it, she uncovered it straightforward to talk through boys about sports compared to girls.

As for she education, young Andrews saw Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, Florida. As a child, she to be a member of the dance team, student government, and also the nationwide Honor Society.

Later, Erin enrolled in ~ the University the Florida. She graduated through a Bachelor the Arts level in Telecommunication in 2000.

In her university days, Andrews to be a member the the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, the Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team, indigenous 1997 come 2000.

How old is Erin Andrews? Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Erin Andrews, aka Miss Jill, is a famous American sportscaster and also TV personality. She has remained in this market for two decades now, i m sorry is a real surprise, considering andrew is simply 43.

Yes, folks, this gorgeous journalist was born ~ above May 4, 1978, which method she is currently in she 40s.

Also, her star authorize is Taurus, that is known for being stubborn however passionate and hard-working. But, putting that aside, Erin is tho vibrant and also youthful, together in she younger days.

Not just that however the 5 feet 10 inches(178 cm) high Andrews complies with a strict diet and workout regimen to keep herself fit.

If that was no enough, andrews knows how to look at sharp and appealing in prior of the camera. Also, she blonde curls and grey eye add much more to her beauty.

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Is Erin andrew still married? Husband, Children, and personal Life

Apart indigenous being mainly at what she does, Erin Andrews has actually maintained her an individual life together well. Many might not know, yet this popular TV personality is a married woman as of now.

In fact, she is married to she husband, Jarret Stoll, a hockey player by profession.

The two lovebirds started dating ago in so late 2012, and after four years of being together, they finally tied the knot on June 24, 2017.

Likewise, the two had actually their dream wedding in an intimate sunset awareness in Montana. Regardless of being with each other for a long time, Erin and also Jarret don’t have any children. However they do have actually a golden retriever called Howard.

Erin Andrews with her husband.

Even despite Erin is not linked in any kind of rumors, she offered to it is in in the past. Before marrying her husband, Erin supplied to be in a partnership with Chace Crawford back in 2012.

The American actor, that was likewise seven year younger 보다 Andrews, parted quickly after.

Other than Chace, Erin likewise dated Josh Hopkins, Aaron Rodgers, and also David Wright. However, many of the individualities she dated to be either athletes or actors by profession.

Erin andrew fight through Cancer

Just prior to she bound the knot with Jarret, Erin was diagnosed v cervical cancer. She just announced the news in January 2017 when receiving therapy for it.

After two surgeries, Andrews was pronounced cancer-free. Likewise, according to Erin, she health problem helped to strengthen her partnership with Jarret even more.

At that time, they tho haven’t talked around marriage or children yet even went v the surgery. Hence, the two space now continuing with a fertility plan of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Even despite it took her a long time, Erin lastly came out through the news and also right after informed the public about her experience.

Andrews climate partnered v a women’s wellness diagnostics company, Hologic. Through then, she began a campaign called ‘We Can change This STAT,’ encouraging females to walk to the physician for their yearly exams.

The 2008 ‘Stalking Incident’

Around 2008, Erin came to be a major stalker victim when Michael David Barrett, then 46, filmed Andrews with her hotel room’s peepholes.

At that, she was continuing to be at the Radisson airport Hotel situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Shortly after, the video clip found its method online, where Andrews to be utterly naked. Naturally, gift a TV personality, the video clip went viral online and was choose by much neighborhood news.

After the investigation, the FBI arrested Barrett ~ above October 2, 2009, v the possession that tapes.

Likewise, ~ above March 15, 2010, Barrett was uncovered guilty and sentenced come two and a half years in jail with 3 years that probation.

He was likewise fined $5,000 and $7,366 in restitution by the court. After perfect his time, Barrett acquired out of jail on July 3, 2012.

Following this, andrew then sue the hotel for finish negligence and also invasion of privacy.

With lot effort, Andrews to be granted $55 million through the jury. They found Barrett, the hotel administration company, and also its owner all responsible for the crime.

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How lot is Erin Andrews network worth? Salary and Income

Erin Andrews, who has operated for networks like ESPN and also hosted numerous shows and also games, has actually an impressive net precious of $30 million.

Andrew, who is likewise famous because that hosting “Dancing through the Stars’ earns a report $2 million as her yearly salary.

Aside from her salary with the Fox network, Andrews also makes a far-reaching amount indigenous brand endorsements. Throughout her career, Erin has partnered with brands and charitable projects.

Back in 2010, andrews teamed up with Kraft foodstuffs in your Huddle to Fight Hunger campaign.

In 2011, Erin assisted promote Reebok’s ZigTech brand. Also, Erin came to be the new face the the cosmetics agency CoverGirl.

Likewise, in 2016, Erin ended up being the brand ambassador for Orangetheory Fitness. Andrews then teamed up v the Fanatics in October 2019 to make a line of clothing.

Early career | Freelancer, and also ESPN

As a journalist, Erin started appropriate after her graduation in 2000 once she was appointed together a freelancer by Fox sports Florida. Following that, she functioned as a Tampa bay Lightning reporter because that the Sunshine Network.

Two years later, Erin served as a studio host and also reporter because that the Turner southern network, wherein she spanned the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Thrashers, and also Atlanta Hawks.

Likewise, Andrews’ tough work paid off as soon as ESPN available her a spot as a reporter for ESPN nationwide Hockey Night.

Starting from April 2004, the young reporter covered College civilization Series, tiny League civilization Series, and even Great outdoor Game.

Erin andrew is a sportscaster and also reporter.

Following her contribution to the network, in 2005, her job prolonged to spanning ESPN university Football Thursday Primetime and also Major league Baseball.

From 2008 come 2010, Erin reported ESPN’s and also ABC’s live coverage the the Scripps nationwide Spelling Bee.

Aside from extending news as a reporter, this vibrant and radiant lady has likewise appeared in number of talk shows favor The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and also The Tonight show with Jay Leno.

Moreover, Andrews also took part in season 10 of ABC’s Dancing v the Stars alongside Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Through the end, they managed to obtain the third spot among the 11 couples.

Erin andrew in Dancing v the Stars and also CMT Music Award

On June 29, 2012, Erin announced her departure from ESPN after ~ serving for eight years.

She climate headed to Fox sporting activities as the very first host the the Fox CollegeFootball’s studio reflects alongsideEddie George and Joey Harrington top top the analyst’s panel.

Likewise, together the contributor of Fox NFL Sunday, Erin reporter some major sporting occasions like the MLB All-Star Game, the civilization Series, the NFL Playoffs, and also the Daytona 500.

She then became the organize of Fox college Football Kickoff and Fox university Saturday ~ above August 17, 2013, after ~ the launch of Fox sports 1.

Erin andrew at dance of stars.

Not to mention, the present is a direct competitor to ESPN college Gameday, i beg your pardon previews the weekend’s biggest college football games. Except this, Andrews additionally contributed to the day-to-day studio present Fox football Daily.

Now, after 4 years of appearing in Dancing through the Stars, andrew made her comeback in the show. Just this time, she would certainly not be dancing however hosting the show’s 18th season in March 2014.

Erin replaces Brooke Burke-Charvet together the co-host of the show. Following the performance, Andrews returned Pam Oliver as the sideline reporter top top Fox’s lead, NFL broadcast crew.

Moreover, Erin co-hosted the CMT Music Awards through J.J. Watt and Brittany Snow indigenous 2015 come 2016.

The American TV personality additionally made she appearance as a guest backstage interviewer ~ above WWE Smackdown.

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Social Media Presence

Instagram: 1.3 million followers

Twitter: 2.6 million followers

Some FAQs:

Which agency does Erin Andrews have partnered with?

In 2019, Erin partnered through Fanatics to design her very own sportswear garments line for women.

She has also worked v multiple service providers to promote miscellaneous causes, from females in sporting activities to fighting hunger across America.

Not to mention, Erin has additionally partnered through Kraft foodstuffs for their “Huddle to Fight Hunger” campaign.

Does Erin Andrews have her own apparel line?

In 2020 Erin Andrews released her very own NFL apparel line for women referred to as WEAR by Erin Andrews.

The apparel line was inspired by Erins’ own closet outfits she wears on a everyday basis. Together a result, it consists of items the women can easily incorporate on gamedays and into your weekly wardrobe.

How did Erin Andrews react to Aaron Rodgers’s surprise engagement?

Almost prefer the rest of the world, Erin was stunned come hear aboutAaronRodgers’ surprised engagement. She shared her reaction to the news saying,

“He maintained that undercover, wow. There was kind of rumors, i think, the they were dating, however yeah, I had actually no idea, and also then the unveiled it at his MVP speech, so, surprised everybody, really preserved that quiet.”

Does Erin andrew still work for Fox?

Yes, Erin left ESPN to work at Fox Sports, wherein she’ll host a 30-minute soccer pre-game present in enhancement to various other duties.

Did Erin Andrews date Aaron Rodgers?

According to united state Weekly, Erin and also Aaron date on and off in between 2010 and 2014. Lock were often together once Aaron won his first quarterback and only Super key in 2010.

Where go Erin Andrews at this time live?

Erin previously resided in Atlanta, Georgia, but right now resides in Los Angeles,California.

Is Erin andrew sick?

Erin Andrews to be sick once she obtained diagnosed v cervical cancer in 2016 and underwent two surgeries.

Does Erin Andrews have a child?

Currently, Erin does not share any kind of children, but she has an adorable dog called Howard.

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How walk Erin Andrews gain famous?

Erin Andrew got famous after being component of the renowned display Dancing through the Stars in 2010, whereby she was placed 3rd with she partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.