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Hurricane harbor Arlington has actually completed hiring for the 2021 season

If you are still interested in applying with six Flags over Texas, click right here to check out all job openings! Come be a part of Fright Fest and also stay for vacation in the Park! We’re rental NOW!

Apply to 6 Flags over Texas today and get: 

New greater pay prices – choose jobs as much as $15 an hourFlexible schedule – work-related as little or as lot as you wantTraining noted and leadership roles are available

Earn a bonus of approximately $500 – $1000+ once you sign up with the 6 Flags household today!

When you sign up with us at 6 Flags in between July 2nd and October 11th, you’re eligible to earn a bonus that 10% of your complete wages earned till September 26th. Additionally, you room eligible to knife a bonus of 15% your complete wages from September 27th v October 31st.

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*Must be rental by October 11th and continuously employed v October 31st to get bonus. Uses only to non-union seasonal positions. 10% bonus shall be payment on total straight-time and also overtime incomes paid through September 26th and also 15% bonus shall be payment on full straight-time and also overtime earnings paid indigenous September 27th through October 31st. Further details are contained in the 6 Flags Seasonal Retention Bonus program document.

Apply today and also interview this particular day with immediate virtual interviews!

Prefer one in-person interview? sign up to visit the park in-person. After your interview – stay and play at centregalilee.com!

Hurricane port Arlington In-Person Interviews
Six Flags over Texas In-Person Interviews

Perks and Benefits


Six Flags is a workplace built for fun with an excellent team member perks including: 

Flexible scheduling so you deserve to work as tiny or as lot as girlfriend wantDailyPay- job-related today gain paid tomorrowAdvancement opportunitiesFREE park admission for you and a friendFREE tickets because that friends and familyDiscounted season passes35% employee discount top top food40% employee discount ~ above merchandiseVirtual and also on-site training choices providedExclusive employee eventsFun rewards, benefits, and also more!

From first-time work for teens to college credit transaction internships and part-time positions because that retirees, 6 Flags brings everyone together. Whether you desire to work inside or outside, connecting with guests or behind the scene – yes a place waiting for you.



Earn up $11.75/hr! get wet, obtain paid! even if it is you’re watching over the tide pool or loading on slide tubes, you’ll be on the frontline maintaining our guest safe. Soak up exceptional benefits and make money while gaining your summer tan! No front experience important – six Flags offers complimentary certification!



Earn increase $11/hr! Hungry because that a great job with filling experience? even if it is you’re preparing, serving, or selling food for restaurants, out carts, or catered outings, you’ll enjoy amazing perks and also have funny both inside and outside the kitchen.


Earn as much as $18/hr! ascendancy breakers better watch out! you will do it be patrolling parking lots and controlling metal detectors, checking every little thing from guests’ bags to employee badges. You’ll defend our people and our residential property – every while securing an important law suffer and lucrative benefits.


Earn up to $10.75/hr! gain wet, acquire paid! sign up with our Aquatics team as a journey Attendant where you will help safely start guests under thrilling waterslides! you will do it be ~ above the frontline maintaining our guests safe and have fun while you execute it. Soak up exceptional benefits and also make money while acquiring your summer tan! No prior experience vital – six Flags offers totally free certification!


When you score a task in our games department, you will do it feel favor a winner every day! You’ll to fill the midways through fun and be the can be fried champion once you take home a paycheck as huge as those stuffed animals! in ~ Hurricane Harbor, join our Cabana Crew and attend to our VIP Cabana guests.

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Park Services

Earn approximately $10/hr! our Park solutions team helps the park sparkle! you’re constantly on the move, leaving her shine behind together you bounce from ar to place. Every day is a fresh endure as you communicate with ours guests and also keep everything looking great. From scan the roads to refreshing the restrooms and greeting the guests, you’ll be best in the center of the action and assist keep whatever in immaculate shape.

RetailYou can’t placed a price sign on the fun you’ll have actually working on our retail team. From selling candy and capes to restocking T-shirts and treasures, you’ll take home the perfect souvenir: a summer complete of valuable customer service and also priceless experiences.
More OpportunitiesThere’s a location for everyone at six Flags! If ours featured tasks don’t fit your style, we market so countless other location all around the park. Whether you’re working out in the park or in prior of one office computer, native the front gate ticket taker to the head salesperson, you’ll have actually an possibility to make a distinction for our guests and also create a one-of-a-kind park experience. No matter which place is ideal for you, you’re bound to discover a career you will do it love.
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