Reporter Natalie Morales has actually been with MSNBC and NBC due to the fact that 2002, covering everything from the 2004 Presidential election, the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Space shuttle Columbia disaster, and also the Northeast Blackout the 2003.

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Natalie Morales v her parents | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“That made every the difference in the world,” Morales said of her capability to directly connect with miners throughout the ordeal.

“I think that enabled me come shine in the story in the moment.”

Morales’ recent exit from ‘Access Hollywood’

The reporter, in the spring of 2019, left her anchoring job at NBC’s Access Hollywood. She stays a Dateline contributor and a Today correspondent the end of Los Angeles. It’s unclear why she left the entertain news program, and also was replaced by a veteran in the celebrity news field, Mario Lopez.

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Morales left a goodbye letter to her Access Hollywood staff and colleagues, letting them recognize she would miss them and stay in touch.

It read, “To my dear accessibility family, and I do average family! ns have had a wonderful 3 years right here with you and will treasure the memories and an excellent times! say thanks to you because that welcoming me with open up arms and for always bringing her A-game.”

“. . . As an “Air Force” brat that has had to say goodbye one too numerous times in my life. . . I favor to say watch you all later … and also by later on I median on the following red carpet or ~ above the lot! I’m just a few studio entrances away ~ all. Please remain in touch.”

Morales’ network worth

Natalie Morales’ net worth is $16 million according to Celebrity net Worth.

Morales spoke critical month about not being shy to carry out her homework around what other world are earning come make certain pay is being tackled fairly.

“It take it me a when of like, you know, obtaining paid much less than a pair of male anchors the were act the same project as me in smaller sized markets,” Morales stated at a recognize Your Value event in Philadelphia last month, “and it took a while for me to uncover my voice.”