Founding father Benjamin Franklin when said, "A penny conserved is a penny earned." If you were able to save a million pennies, exactly how much money would you have? A million pennies add up come $10,000. It would more than likely take you years to conserve that countless pennies. When you"re make your conserving plan, review on for the fascinating story the America"s one-cent coin.

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The official name because that an American coin is "one-cent piece," for this reason why perform we use the word "penny" to refer to these coins? Pennies have existed for more than 1,000 years in miscellaneous countries and cultures. The word "penny," which shows up in various forms in other languages, initially referred to a coin that had a small value. 

Even though our pennies space officially one-cent pieces, the nickname "penny" is what stuck, and also you"ll hear people all throughout the United claims use that word for that coin today.

The history of the Penny

The penny was the first coin authorized through the U.S."s an initial president, George Washington. The initial penny had a architecture by Benjamin Franklin that had a sundial through the Latin native "Fugio," which means, "I fly," and the phrase "Mind her Business" ~ above the obverse, or prior side, and also a 13-link chain representing the original U.S. And also the motto "We room One" ~ above the reverse or ago side. 

Later designs connected various versions of a female figure representing Liberty on the obverse with assorted designs ~ above the reverse. The coin also changed sizes through the years before the "Flying Eagle" design in the mid-1850s provided the coin a significant redesign and also shrunk it to something close come its present size.

Honoring the 16th President

In 1909, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt proposed honoring Abraham Lincoln ~ above the penny v a new design the commemorated Lincoln"s 100th birthday. Lincoln was the very first president the the U.S. Commemorated on a coin, and also other coins followed suit in later years.

From 1959 come 2008, both sides of the penny honored Abraham Lincoln, through a file of his photo on the prior face, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., featured top top the turning back side. In 2009, the turning back side changed again to feature a shield on a new design.

A Distinctive Look

For most of that is history, the penny has looked much different from the remainder of American coins. The U.S. Mint started making the an initial pennies native pure copper, so they had actually a distinctive red copper look. As the value of copper has changed, the Mint do pennies out of other materials, yet it maintained the unique look.

For one year in 1943, the U.S. Make pennies native steel due to the fact that the country needed copper for weapons in human being War II. The steel pennies looked like various other coins, and also many civilization mistook them because that dimes, therefore America went back to coppery-looking pennies the next year.

An high value Coin

These days, copper is much more expensive than it offered to be, for this reason the U.S. Doesn"t use lot copper to make pennies. In fact, only 2.5% of a coin is copper. However, using even that much copper in a penny renders it more costly 보다 it"s worth to make them. The takes 1.8 cent to make a one-cent coin, for this reason the penny is an high value coin to manufacture.

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Should the penny Be Discontinued?

The price of making pennies has actually led to a activity to get rid of the coin. Civilization who argue for getting rid that pennies say the the price of do them linked with the environmental impact of zinc and copper mining provides it precious doing away through them. World lose or throw away pennies much more than other coins as well. 

American armed forces bases have actually done away with pennies since 2008, and they round prices increase or down to the nearest nickel. Civilization who support for acquiring rid that pennies say the all Americans can do the same thing.