Your 1935 quarter value starts a $4.11 each. This minimum to represent the high silver contents in the coin.



As a collectible the Washington quarter through the "D" mintmark, denote the Denver mint is the rarer issue. Followed in lower value through the "S" mintmark coin, developed at the san Francisco mint.

The Philadelphia mint go not use a mintmark, issued the highest total amount of soldier in 1935 and also are today the most generally found.

To reach greater values her coin have to be in pretty condition and also exhibit an excellent detail.

The 1935 4 minutes 1 pictured is superb example the a coin that has actually never circulated. In this condition, well-known as "Uncirculated" or "Mint State" that is precious considerably much more than the minimum silver- value.

Values are provided separately on the coin worth chart through date, mintmark and also condition.

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For example, "1935-D" is a Washington quarter produced in 1935 in ~ the Denver mint, and prices are provided for different levels of wear, recognized as "Grading."And for a much better understanding the Grading, check out the ar below.

1935 Quarter value is Conditional

From brand brand-new condition to very worn, is reflected in the examples. Line your soldier in a row, judge their state that preservation and assign every a "Grade."

As girlfriend proceed manage each coin carefully, maintaining in mind, worth is highest for "Uncirculated" coins.


Uncirculated: Untouched since being minted and also no wear top top its surfaces, a quarter in this problem reaches the highest 1935 quarter value and also is avidly seek by collectors and also dealers. Admittedly couple of survive this nice.


Extremely Fine: Still sharply characterized with abundant information remaining, the high point out of the hair, curls over the ear, the cheek and neck line display slight wear. The coin have to standout as one decidedly better from most.


Fine: Wear has begun to take it its toy fee on this quarter. Flattened locations of wear cover Washington"s hair and curls. Return the hair line along the forehead is visible.

Good: The in salt envelops the lettering to a degree but stops around a third of the way. The portrait is distinct and most the the influential details remain. A 1935 quarter common of this condition trades at its underlying silver- bullion value.

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Washington soldier Value

Check your coins with the values chart. Most of the silver- Washington quarters value is tied carefully to the price that silver. However, a few rare dates and mintmarks are an extremely valuable.

More 4 minutes 1 Values

Including more about her 1935 4 minutes 1 value. Easily uncover the worth of her old coins.

From Bust soldier to seated Liberty, Barber, stand Liberty and Washington quarters. All collection include Grading pictures to judge the condition of her coins and coin value charts.

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All old us coin values. It is fantastic index through images and text web links to every coin series, from cents to Gold. Crucial grading images alongside coin worth charts uncover how much your box of old coins room worth.

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Auction outcomes for the appropriate Coin

Rarely is a 1935-D 4 minutes 1 consigned to an auction as nice together the one that showed up in a heritage Auction Galleries sale. Unspoiled surfaces and intact luster covering the entire coin. Attractively toned and barely a call mark. All added up to a selling price of $4,888.

Coins that this level of condition represent the highest 1935 quarter value.

Today dealer and also auction inventories space well described, with multiple coin listings covering plenty of price ranges. See just how your coins complement up in condition and also value.