Joe Dumars, a former NBA player who had actually his job from Detroit Pistons native 1985 come 1999, is called a new GM of Sacramento Kings. Dumars elevated to the GM after the former General Manager, Vlade Divac, resigned native the place on 14 august 2020. As a GM, Dumars will currently be responsible because that filling out the former office the Sacramento Kings.

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In 2019, Dumars offered as an exclusive advisor to Vlade Divac after ~ serving in the Pistons' prior office indigenous 2000-2014. 

Regarding Dumars' new assignment come the Sacramento Kings, the owner that the team, Vivek Ranadivé mentioned:

"Joe has become a trusted and also valued advisor because joining the team last year, and I am grateful to have actually him take it on this function at an important time because that the franchise."

Although Dumars will certainly be tasked through finding a new general manager, the an option of him gift a irreversible president in the team is tho a mystery. But in the meantime, ESPN's Marc J. Spears hinted the the search for Dumar can lead that to an additional former Pistons executive, Scott Perry.


After the former General Manager Vlade Divac resigned, the team owner exit a statement. The stated, 'This to be a daunting decision, but we think it is the best path ahead together we job-related to build a win team the our loyal fans deserve.'

'We space thankful for Vlade's leadership, commitment, and hard occupational both on and off the court. The will always be a component of ours Kings' family,' he added.

Joe Dumars' net Worth

Joe Dumars, a retirement basketball player, has actually a network worth that $10 million, which the earned from his professional basketball career. That showcased a solid stats throughout his high school at McNeese State University, where he averaged 22.5 points every game. Similarly, he had 25.8 points per video game as a senior.

Dumars, that stands in ~ the elevation of 6 feet and 2 inch tall, entered the NBA world earlier in the 1985 NBA draft after Detroit Pistons selected him with the 8th overall in the first round. V Pistons, he played fourteen seasons since his breeze in the NBA.


Dumars make quite exceptional stats averaging 16.1 clues per game in the full 1018 games. Similarly, he made the mean ratio the 4.5 rebounds, 46.0 field goal percent, 38.2 three-points goal percent, and 4.5 rebounds per game.

Throughout his career, he winner a pair of championships v Detroit Pistons in 1989 and 1990. Similarly, he got named the 1989 Finals MVP in the 1989 NBA season. After playing for virtually one and a half-decade, the announced his retirement in 1999.

After seven years that his retirement from skilled basketball, the got inducted right into the Basketball room of fame in 2006. He also served as the chairman of Basketball Operations for the Detroit Pistons indigenous 2000 come 2014.

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Besides that, Joe Dumars launches several programs at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse. He provides many camps and clinics for the aspiring basketball player and shapes their career right into a pro-athlete via his program.