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Mark Lowry (Full name: note Alan Lowry) is an American singer, comedian, and also songwriter from Houston, Texas, U.S. That is best known because that co-writing the renowned Christmas tune Mary, Did you Know? alongside Buddy Greene.

From 1988 to 2001, and then 2009 come 2013, Lowry to be a member the the Gaither Vocal Band in addition to Michael English, David Phelps, and Bill Gaither. Over the course of his career, he has recorded twelve albums, both music, and comedy.

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Mark’s at an early stage Life

The American singer, comedian, and songwriter to be born and also raised in Houston, Texas. Lowry frequently uses anecdotes of his young life in his wake up comedy. He additionally speaks of his endure with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder in his performances. Note is a self-described Poster young for Hyperactivity.

Mark Lowry Education

Mark attend Liberty university which was referred to as Liberty Baptist college at the moment from 1975 come 1980. Throughout his university life, Lowry intended to acquire a business degree however he instead followed a self-described “spiritual calling” right into the music business.

Mark Lowry Age and also Birthday

Mark is 62 years old as of 2020, he to be born on June 24, 1958, in Houston, Texas, the United claims of America. He celebrates his date of birth on June 24 and also his birth authorize is Cancer.

Mark Lowry Height and also Weight

Mark stands at an average height and also moderate weight. He appears to be quite tall in stature if his photos, loved one to his surroundings, room anything to go by. However, details regarding his actual height and other body dimensions are right now not publicly available. Us are keeping tabs and will update this details once that is out.

Mark Lowry Family, Parents

Mark Lowry photo

Mark that is a popular American singer, comedian, and also songwriter is the boy of Charles Lowry, his father, and Beverly Lowry, his mother. His father is an attorney.

Mark Lowry Siblings

Lowry is the brother to Charles Michael Lowry, his brother and also Melissa L. Carter, his sister. Mark has three nieces and also three nephews.

Mark Lowry Wife, Is that married?

Lowry is no married. Our efforts to uncover out more about his wife, fiance or girlfriend concerned no avail together no such details is publicly available. Nevertheless, this ar will it is in updated as quickly as the is available.

Mark Lowry Measurements and Facts

Here are some amazing facts and body dimensions you should know around Mark Lowry.

Mark Lowry Bio and also Wiki

Full Names: Mark Alan LowryPopular As: note LowryGender: MaleProfession: Comedian, Singer, and SongwriterNationality: AmericanRace/ Ethnicity: AmericanReligion: ChristianSexual Orientation: Straight

Mark Birthday

Age: 62 year (2020)Zodiac Sign: CancerDate of Birth: 24 June 1958Place that Birth: Houston, Texas, unified StatesBirthday: 24 June

Mark body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight: not KnownWeight: no KnownEye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Black & WhiteShoe Size: no Available

Mark Lowry Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Charles LowryMother: Beverly LowrySiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): no KnownMarital Status: SingleSpouse: not AvailableDating: no AvailableChildren: None

Mark Lowry net Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $8 million (2020)Salary: Under ReviewSource of Income: Music

Mark House and also Cars

Place that living: To it is in UpdatedCars: vehicle Brand to be Updated

“Mary, Did girlfriend Know?”

Mark Lowry Photo

Lowry created the text to the song “Mary Did you Know?” after that was requested to create a manuscript for a church Christmas play in 1984. The song was motivated by a perform of inquiries that he would choose to ask Mary, the mommy of Jesus. The collection of inquiries were provided in in between the scenes of the play. In the next decade, Lowry would try to uncover lyrics that would finish the song. Eventually, girlfriend Greene, a musician and also songwriter wrote the music come the song. The Christmas play manuscript later came to be the song.

The tune has come to be a well-known Christmas track performed by an ext than thirty artists including Peter Hollens, Michael English, Daniel Childs, Kathy Mattea, Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd, Clay Aiken, Natalie Cole, Cee Lo Green, Pippa Wilson, Michael Crawford, Zara Larsson, and also Pentatonix. In 2016, Lowry sang the song, donate by the a cappella group, Voctave.

The Gaither Vocal Band

Mark to be approached by bill Gaither in 1988 and was invite to join the Gaither Vocal Band as the baritone. Lowry’s career with the band covered thirteen years during his first stint with the group.

Mark’s on-stage antics were common with audiences and as a result, he to be the co-host the the plenty of concerts and shows perform by Gaither and the Vocal Band, through Gaither play the straight guy to Lowry’s antics.

In June 2001, Lowry left the Gaither Vocal band after performing longer with the band than any type of previous member except Gaither himself. ~ that, the released numerous solo albums, including A Hymns Collection, i Love to Tell the Story.

On January 14, 2009, it was published that Lowry would be rejoining the Gaither Vocal tape while maintaining his solo career. In October 2013, it to be publicly announced that Lowry and also Michael English would certainly be resigning indigenous the team to dedicate an ext time to their single careers. Lowry stayed on throughout to the end of the year.

Mark finished up performing in several independent Baptist churches in the United states until he graduated. If he was still in college and also singing, he raised passion and interest to perform stand up comedy and also it is right here that his comedy job inadvertently started. Just after his graduation, Lowry’s agent, Roy Morgan, scheduled him in 43 urban in 41 days.

There would certainly be one elongated stop in his singing appearance while the waited because that the soundtrack to be changed. Lowry started to fill this pause with a monologue. He soon realized that the audiences at his performances were laughing not at him yet at his monologues.


Mark Lowry: My very first Comedy Video do in 1988Mark Lowry: The last Word in 1992 in ~ the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee.Mark Lowry: Mouth in Motion in 1993 in ~ Carpenter’s house Church in Lakeland, Florida.Mark Lowry: Remotely Controlled in 1995Mark Lowry top top Broadway was performed and captured to DVD in ~ the Beacon Theatre in NYC in 2000Mark Lowry Goes come Hollywood was performed and captured come DVD in ~ the Cerritos center in Cerritos, California, in January 2005.

Mark Lowry Salary

Mark has actually earned a good fortune native his music and also comedy career. His yearly salary is right now under review.

Mark Lowry network Worth

Lowry has actually an approximated net worth of $ 8 million dollars as of 2020. This contains his assets, money and also income. His primary source of earnings is his career together a Comedian, Singer, and also Songwriter. With his assorted sources the income, Mark has been able come accumulate a an excellent fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Mark Lowry Accident

In 1997, Lowry to be badly hurt in a vehicle accident close to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, while touring through his university evangelistic team. He continual eleven damaged bones and spent a great deal that time in physical therapy recovering native the accident.

Mark Lowry Songs

Because the LivesSinner conserved by GraceI think in a Hill dubbed Mount CalvaryThe King Is ComingMary Did friend KnowAlpha and OmegaLove can Turn the WorldHe touched MeGreatly Blessed, extremely FavoredGlorious ImpossibleYes, i Know!You are My every In All/Canon In DHe Is HereA house Of GoldThe Old Rugged overcome Made The DifferenceI then Shall LiveAt The CrossI speak to Him LordDaystarI Bowed on my KneesWhere no one Stands AloneThe Love of GodHe Will lug YouSitting at The Feet that JesusLittle Is lot When God Is In ItBlow The Trumpet In ZionLow under the ChariotLoving God, Loving each OtherIsn’t that Amazing?There Is a RiverI’m Gonna store OnSwing down Chariot

Mark Lowry Awards and also Achievements

After the relax of mark Lowry: Mouth in Motion, note received an award. The album winner Dove Award for Long type Music video of the Year at the 25th GMA Dove Awards in 1994.

Frequently inquiry Questions around Mark Lowry

Who is note Lowry?

Lowry that was born as note Allan Lowry is an American singer, comedian, and songwriter.

How old is note Lowry?

Lowry celebrates his date of birth on the 24th the June every year. The is 61 year old as of 2019.

How tall is mark Lowry?

Mark maintains a short profile around his an individual life. His height is right now under review and will shortly be updated.

Is mark Lowry married?

Mark is not married. The mysterious love life of Mark has actually let him fall under the fans’ speculation of being a gay man. Top top 26 October 2011, among his Twitter followers asked him if he was gay. Despite people’s speculation that him gift gay, he has been viewed as more inquisitive towards females rather than males.

One of the evidence of him being a straight guy is his relationship with American comedian Chonda Pierce. ~ above 20 in march 2015, Chonda shared a series of image of herself v Mark, i m sorry got recorded while hanging out together. In the caption, ‘The Queen of Clean’ pointed out their togetherness uttering the her ideal friend assisted to resolve her first date in 35 years.

How much is mark Lowry worth?

Lowry who is one American Christian singer, comedian, and also songwriter has an approximated net worth of $8 million.

How lot does mark Lowry make?

Mark has earned a good fortune native his music and also comedy career. His yearly salary is currently under review.

Where does mark Lowry live?

Mark has not revealed any information about where he lives. This info will quickly be updated.

Is note Lowry dead or alive?

Mark is alive and healthy. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Why did mark Lowry leave the Gaithers?

Lowry’s reason for leaving to be simple: “burnout.” He to be tired. In fact, he invested his an initial year far from Gaither “living ~ above a houseboat, doing nothing.” then he advocated his solo job by performing 180 reflects a year because that the next six years.

Where is note Lowry now?

Lowry proceeds to tourism the United says performing his music and comedy concerts and also recording music and also comedy CD albums and videos. The records and publishes numerous iPod podcasts, consisting of Saturdays through Mark and Tony, a weekly podcast through Tony Campolo.

He co-hosts bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio with Bill Gaither and Phil Brower. Starting in in march 2011, he has been a regular co-host the the TV show Red Letter Christians v Tony Campolo.

Mark Lowry society Media Contacts

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