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Shane Andre Mosley network worth is
$10 Million

Shane Andre Mosley Wiki Biography

Shane Andre Mosley to be born top top 7 September 1971, in Lynwood, California. USA. That is a professional boxer, best known for coming to be a boxing champion in three different weight divisions. He’s also considered as among the most renowned boxers in the sport, having actually defeated large names such as Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito. All of his initiatives have aided put his net worth to where it is today.

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How wealthy is street Shane Mosley? as of mid-2016, resources estimate a net worth the is at $10 million, mainly earned with a successful career as a boxer. He’s been boxing because the 1980s and also has dealt with in end 60 skilled fights. As he proceeds his career, it is intended that his wealth will increase further.

Sugar Shane Mosley net Worth $10 Million

Shane developed an interest in boxing after that watched his father box in street fights. Due to the fact that he was eight year old, his father trained and managed him, helping enhance his boxing skills. Throughout his amateur career, he winner or was place very in plenty of tournaments including the United states Amateur Championship and also the civilization Junior Championships.

He started his skilled career by becoming lightweight champion, defending his title versus John Brown and gold Johnson prior to deciding to contend in the welterweight division. He was slated come fight against the champion at the time Oscar de la Hoya, which took ar in 2000, with Mosley to win the bout top top a break-up decision, earning that $15 million. This was the begin of his rise in network worth.

Three years later on he walk on to fight in the light-middleweight division, against Raul Marquez, but the match ended up being a no challenge due come an accidental head butt. Later on in the very same year, Shane walk on come fight De La Hoya once again for the light-middleweight championship which that won through a controversial unanimous decision. The then went back to the welterweight department in 2009 to shot and reclaim the location from Antonio Margarito in ~ the Staples Center. Countless had suspected the Mosley would shed the fight come a much younger Margarito, however the the opposite happened, v Shane acquiring a TKO against Margarito in the nine round. The success solidified Mosley as one of the top boxers of the era. The adhering to year he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr., and also while Shane landed strong shots in the second round, Mayweather recovered to beat him and also gain the Welterweight Championship. In 2010, he fought against Sergio Mora, a complement which became a disputed separation draw. The complying with year the went versus Manny Pacquiao yet lost by gift knocked down throughout the 3rd round.

After the fight through Pacquiao, Mosley retired, however came the end of retirement come fight Pablo Cesar Cano and won the fight. He climate went on to fight Anthony Mundine but lost through a TKO. He announced a second retirement in 2013, stating that he wanted to focus on training his son. He would just come the end of retirement if he was set to hit a big name in the welterweight division. In 2015, he returned to fight and also win against Ricardo Mayorga, and then go on to fight Patrick Lopez for yet another win. A more fight is reserved for late might 2016.

For his an individual life, the is well-known that Shane has 4 children, one native a previous partnership who’s currently a professional boxer; Mosley married Jin Sheehan in 2002 and also they have actually three children, however divorcd in 2010.

Full NameShane Mosley
Net Worth$10 Million
Date that BirthSeptember 7, 1971
Place the BirthInglewood, California, USA
Height5" 9" (1.75 m)
Weight67 kg, 67 kg
ProfessionProfessional Boxer
SpouseJin Sheehan (2002-2010)
ChildrenShane Mosley Jr., Scott Kinghorn Mosley, Calypso Jim Zaccone Mosley, Eugene Tanner Mosley, Norman Mosley
ParentsJack Mosley, Clemmie Mosley
SiblingsCerena Mosley, Venus Mosley, Cerena Mosley, Venus Mosley
AwardsUnited says Amateur Champion in ~ Lightweight (1989,1990,1992), world Junior Championships silver- Medalist (1989), Goodwill gamings Bronze Medalist in Seattle (USA) (1990), IBF lightweight title, the WBC title, WBA (Super) welterweight title, The Ring magazine irradiate middleweight titles, former lineal ...
NominationsFighter the the Year (1998, BWAA), global Boxing hall of fame (2000), "Best fighter in the world" (The Ring, 2000, 2001)
TV Shows24/7, Lady and also the Champ, 24/7, Lady and the Champ

1Went 9-0 (8) in Lightweight location matches.
2Is the just fighter come have defeated Oscar De La Hoya twice.
3Trained through his father due to the fact that he started boxing. They split after the very first fight with Winky Wright but have due to the fact that reunited because that the July 15th bout v Fernando Vargas and also have worked together since then.
4Chosen 1998 Fighter that the Year by the Boxing writers Association that America.
5At one point his hit record had actually one of the highest knockout percentages in all of boxing in ~ 94%.

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6Formerly controlled by his wife.