I want to make fresh orange juice utilizing a squeezer and wanted to know how countless oranges that takes to do an 8oz glass the juice?



you know better than ns do, it depends on the orange and form of orange. Mine mom, an executive, management chef, provided to say the you"d allow 1-2 lb of oranges for 1 potable cup the orange juice.

I really think, that it"s very dependent top top the kind of orange. I recognize naval and blood oranges space the juiciest contrasted to other varieties.



The amount of juice you acquire from one orange will depend on a number or things:

Size that the orangeJuice contents of the orangeWhether you use the pulp or remove all the bits

May it is in you must be asking what oranges are best for creating the most amount of juice and also how perform I obtain the many juice native them?

The easiest means to discover out how many oranges you require is come buy a bag the them and then begin squeezing till you have a glass full :)


One means to get an ext juice native citrus is to juice it as soon as warm. Cold fruit doesn"t release as lot juice. I placed a skewer hole in mine citrus (for security issues) and also then microwave the fruit for 20=30 seconds before cutting and juicing.

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I"m also partial to Valencia oranges because that juice.

This will depend upon assorted factors and some of them I will list here:

The fresh of the orangeThe dimension of the orangeThe type of the orangeThe form of the juicer

When it involves freshness the main trouble here is the oranges shed a particular percentage of their juices if they remain for as well long. Basically, they dry like every little thing else.. No brainer really..

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The size of the orange is the evident one.

Now when it comes to the juicer type there are really many if them the end there but you should be looking for the citrus juicer. Citrus juicers space designed come extract the most out of citrus fruit such together oranges. Usually most of them will do the work but I introduce the one i linked. Friend can additionally take a look in ~ masticating juicers because they are well-known for their capacity to extract the juice through no ns in quality. As well as masticating juicer can squeeze every drop out of the orange, but you will have to peel it. Quiet this can be profitable because if friend buy 5 oranges you will want to drink as lot juice as feasible and leave tiny to none to waste.