ok part idiot said me it takes 2 quarts however it started to over circulation when ns was virtually done v the second quart next time ns would prefer to understand what the realy takes
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i placed two quarts in my 400 and i never have to worry about overflow. Drain the oil pan then drain the bolt ~ above the bottom the the bike. Then put one quart in start the cycle for two minutes then put the 2nd quart in and also you should have no problems.

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if i readjusted filter and also oil i put in 1 qt then rotate the an essential on and the engine switch off and also hit the starter for around a 2nd to pump some of the oil indigenous the tank come the motor... Then i add another qt for this reason in the end i have actually 2qt...if i don\"t hit the starter for a second it\"ll overflow the tank... Yet when i start it to check oil that dead center in the center where it have to be...
Originally post by sam the brave ok part idiot said me that takes 2 quarts but it started to over circulation when i was nearly done through the 2nd quart next time i would favor to know what it realy take away

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Start the quad after 1 quart so the gets suck down right into the engine, shut that off and put the other 1 quart in.
Originally post by 2001400ex begin the quad after ~ 1 quart so the gets sucked down right into the engine, shut the off and also put the various other 1 quart in.

DO NOT start IT!!!!!!! just leave the comfortable bar switch off and hit the starter for a second... It\"ll tho pump the oil down...
Originally posted by Tommy 17 do NOT start IT!!!!!!! simply leave the comfortable bar move off and hit the starter because that a second... It\"ll still pump the oil down...

its well if u begin it because that a sec, there is quiet plenty of oil on every one of the relocating parts and its not gonna overheat in a couple of seconds.

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Yeah, I\"m not talking around leaving that on because that hours...it\"s not going come seize if it\"s on for literally ten secs max. I suppose you deserve to do it either way.
actually, ns willing to bet the if friend drained all the oil out from the engine, it would idle for a few good minutes before it began seizing
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