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Drinking beverages high in sugars and also acids not just affects your dental health, but your basic health together well. In addition to this decay and also cavities, sugar-sweetened beverages (SBB) deserve to also result in other health risks including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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SBBs have the right to “camouflage” sugar by disguising it in liquid and also then hiding that in a bottle or can. Friend can’t watch the sugar, so the is daunting to measure it.

At Glenroy dental Group, we assumed we’re do it simpler for you by to express this street in teaspoons and grams, measurements that we all understand!

Soft Drinks – everyone knows this contain sugar, however that amount varies. A 355 ml deserve to of Coca-Cola has 10 teaspoons of sugar (39 grams), while a mountain Dew has actually over 11 (47 grams).

Energy Drinks – these “pep” drink not only contain chemicals to perk you up, but they additionally contain sugar. Red Bull (245 ml) includes 7 teaspoons (27 grams), when the bigger Rockstar (473 ml) has a chuck 15 teaspoons (62 grams)

Fountain Drinks – These space big! A 7-11 big Gulp has actually 32 teaspoons of street (91 grams), when a Super big Gulp has actually an appalling 40 teaspoons (146 grams)!

Fruit Juice – Fruit juice has more sugar 보다 you might think. Gold Circle dry (591 ml) has actually 17 teaspoons (70 grams) and also Snapple Lemon Iced Tea (473 ml). Even Orange Juice (591 ml) consists of a surprising 12 teaspoons (48 grams)!

Milk Drinks – we think that milk together healthy, but it does contain sugar.

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Cacao Milk (473 ml) has 16 teaspoons (58 grams), when the “healthy” alternative, Vitasoy (240 ml) includes an unexpected 4.5 teaspoons (48 grams) the sugar!

The Glenroy dentist Group asks you centregalilee.come “think around what friend drink!” And shot to choose healthier options to sugar-laden drinks. Choose to remain healthy and live well!

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