While game stations 3 consoles are one of the most popularly pawned item around, pawn shops will still pay kind money because that these since they are still in high demand. Details games space only produced the PS3 versus various other PlayStation consoles, for this reason gamers space still to buy the PS3. For those PS3 games that have been made obtainable to pat by computer, plenty of gamers would still choose to play that on the original console.

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What does this mean for you? it puts friend in a great position to sell your playstations 3 as soon as you require cash in a pinch.

How come Pawn or market a PS3 because that the most Money

Clean her PS3

Bringing a clean and shiny PS3 console to a pawn shop shows that you most likely took treatment of it.

This conveys to the pawnbroker that you might deserve a far better offer for it 보다 if it come dirty. Cleaning her console and also its materials will also permit you come see any scratches or external damages that might impact how much money you’ll get for it.

Game consoles are notorious for attracting dust. Usage a dry, non-abrasive towel to clean off any kind of dust, dust or smudges that room visible top top the PS3 console. Because that courtesy to the next buyer, you should also wipe down the controllers.

Remember those snacks girlfriend eat in in between levels and also updates? It do not do it come together a surprise to find crumbs and also grease on her controllers. Wipe castle down!

Include all of its Parts

If you want to know just how to pawn or sell a PS3 because that the many money possible, the more parts friend have, the better! This helps the pawn shop offer it together a “complete package.” right here is basic checklist the what to include:

ControllersCordsCablesBox & coveringsManual

Test it Out

Make certain you take your PS3 because that a check drive prior to you carry it to the pawn shop. You want to make sure it is working, or else you’ll be wasting your time—and time is money!

This will also aid you check if you included the crucial hookups and also parts to make it a finish working system.

Include a couple of PS3 Games

Are there any PS3 gamings you can component ways with? incorporate those in the sale. The next person that buys the console from the pawn shop will certainly be happy to see games included, specifically if they nothing have any kind of yet.

Most importantly, this will increase the viewed value that what you’re offering the pawn shop. In summary, it can get you a far better offer.

How walk PS3 model & warehouse Capacity affect Selling Price?

Certain models and storage capacities because that the PS3 are an ext in-demand than others. This method that if you have a version of a PS3 the is the most highly sought after, friend will likely get an ext cash for it. Typically the more recent the model and also the an ext storage capacity it has, the better off friend are.

To acquire accurate pricing information for your specific PS3 model and storage volume today, list your PS3 ~ above centregalilee.com.

How to know Which PS3 design you have

To uncover out i beg your pardon PS3 model you have, follow this steps:

Look in ~ the bottom or behind of her PS3Find the collection of number and/or letters after “CECH”

How come Know just how Much warehouse (GBs) your PS3 has

To uncover out exactly how much storage (GBs) your PS3 has, follow these steps:

Start her PlayStation 3Go to “Settings” ~ above the menuSelect “System Settings”Scroll under to “System Information”The warehouse capacity will be listed here, in between 20-500 GB

How come Pawn or sell a playstation 3 Safely

Make certain you wipe your personal data from her PlayStation 3 uneven you desire a random pawn shop customer making use of it! This has user accounts, saved games, credit card details and more. Here’s just how to perform this:

Go come “Settings”Choose “System Settings”Choose “Restore PS3 System”

How to Pawn or sell a PS3 quickly for Cash Today

Follow the steps below to learn exactly how to pawn or market a PS3 conveniently for cash today! This procedure will also help you obtain the many money possible by see comparative pricing indigenous multiple pawn shops in her area.

List your PS3 Online

Create an virtual listing for her PS3 using centregalilee.com. When you carry out this, all pawn shops in your local area will see that her PS3 is easily accessible for sale. This is totally free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Get Bids indigenous Pawn Shops

When girlfriend list your PS3 top top centregalilee.com, your local pawn shops will start to bid on her console that very same day. Talk around getting top top the quick track to pawn or offer your PS3 for cash!

You’re under no duty to expropriate the offers those pawn shops make on your PlayStation 3, however keep in mind you can acquire some of the best deals roughly from pawn shops.

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Get fast Cash in Hand

After you accept a bid from a regional pawn shop, carry it in to that shop and also get cash in hand for your PS3 that day. It’s exceptionally fast and easy. Those more, it requires no waiting approximately for money to it is in wired to your financial institution account!

Please note that if you are pawning versus selling, you will be making use of your PS3 as collateral because that cash and you will certainly be compelled to enter into an covenant with a pawn shop. This will include details about interest and fees, and the date by which you should pay earlier your loan to obtain your PS3 back. If you nothing pay the money back in time, the pawn shop insurance claims full possession of her PS3.