While PlayStation 3 consoles are one of the most popularly pawned items around, pawn shops will still pay decent money for these since they are still in high demand. Certain games are only made for the PS3 versus other PlayStation consoles, so gamers are still buying the PS3. For those PS3 games that have been made available to play by computer, many gamers would still prefer to play it on the original console.

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What does this mean for you? It puts you in a great position to sell your PlayStation 3 when you need cash in a pinch.

How to Pawn or Sell a PS3 for the Most Money

Clean your PS3

Bringing a clean and shiny PS3 console to a pawn shop shows that you likely took care of it.

This conveys to the pawnbroker that you might deserve a better offer for it than if it arrived dirty. Cleaning your console and its components will also allow you to see any scratches or external damage that might affect how much money you’ll get for it.

Game consoles are notorious for attracting dust. Use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean off any dust, dirt or smudges that are visible on the PS3 console. For courtesy to the next buyer, you should also wipe down the controllers.

Remember those snacks you eat in between levels and updates? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find crumbs and grease on your controllers. Wipe them down!

Include all of its Parts

If you want to know how to pawn or sell a PS3 for the most money possible, the more parts you have, the better! This helps the pawn shop sell it as a “complete package.” Here is an easy checklist of what to include:

ControllersCordsCablesBox & coveringsManual

Test it Out

Make sure you take your PS3 for a test drive before you bring it to the pawn shop. You want to make sure it is working, or else you’ll be wasting your time—and time is money!

This will also help you confirm if you included the necessary hookups and parts to make it a complete working system.

Include a Few PS3 Games

Are there any PS3 games you can part ways with? Include those in the sale. The next person that buys that console from the pawn shop will be happy to see games included, especially if they don’t have any yet.

Most importantly, this will increase the perceived value of what you’re offering the pawn shop. In summary, it could get you a better offer.

How does PS3 Model & Storage Capacity Affect Selling Price?

Certain models and storage capacities for the PS3 are more in-demand than others. This means that if you have a version of a PS3 that is the most highly sought after, you will likely get more cash for it. Typically the newer the model and the more storage capacity it has, the better off you are.

To get accurate pricing info for your specific PS3 model and storage capacity today, list your PS3 on centregalilee.com.

How to Know Which PS3 Model you have

To find out which PS3 model you have, follow these steps:

Look at the bottom or rear of your PS3Find the series of numbers and/or letters after “CECH”

How to Know how Much Storage (GBs) your PS3 has

To find out how much storage (GBs) your PS3 has, follow these steps:

Start your PlayStation 3Go to “Settings” on the menuSelect “System Settings”Scroll down to “System Information”The storage capacity will be listed here, between 20-500 GB

How to Pawn or Sell a PlayStation 3 Safely

Make sure you wipe your personal data from your PlayStation 3 unless you want a random pawn shop customer using it! This includes user accounts, saved games, credit card details and more. Here’s how to do this:

Go to “Settings”Choose “System Settings”Choose “Restore PS3 System”

How to Pawn or Sell a PS3 Quickly for Cash Today

Follow the steps below to learn how to pawn or sell a PS3 quickly for cash today! This process will also help you get the most money possible by seeing comparative pricing from multiple pawn shops in your area.

List Your PS3 Online

Create an online listing for your PS3 using centregalilee.com. When you do this, all pawn shops in your local area will see that your PS3 is available for sale. This is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Get Bids from Pawn Shops

When you list your PS3 on centregalilee.com, your local pawn shops will begin to bid on your console that same day. Talk about getting on the fast track to pawn or sell your PS3 for cash!

You’re under no obligation to accept the offers those pawn shops make on your PlayStation 3, but keep in mind you can get some of the best deals around from pawn shops.

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Get Quick Cash in Hand

After you accept a bid from a local pawn shop, bring it in to that shop and get cash in hand for your PS3 that day. It’s extremely fast and easy. What’s more, it requires no waiting around for money to be wired to your bank account!

Please note that if you are pawning versus selling, you will be using your PS3 as collateral for cash and you will be required to enter into an agreement with a pawn shop. This will include details about interest and fees, as well as the date by which you must pay back your loan to get your PS3 back. If you don’t pay the money back in time, the pawn shop claims full possession of your PS3.