You may think the Pepsi as another soda brand, completing with Coca Cola and other huge names in the industry for sales of their popular cola.

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However, it might surprise friend to learn that Pepsi sells much an ext than the namesake.

So, go Pepsi market Bottled Water?

Yes, they execute sell water. PepsiCo own the bottled water brand Aquafina, which the sells globally. It also owns numerous other popular soda brand you love and also recognize.

When picking bottled water, it’s vital to recognize what you’re in reality getting.

Some bottled water companies have been criticized because that misrepresenting the resource of the water castle sell.

Read on come learn more about bottled water and what you’re really acquiring with every purchase.

Aquafina by Pepsi

PepsiCo presented a brand-new product—bottled water—in 1994. The brand surname is Aquafina, and also it didn’t take long prior to bottles the this water to be being sold throughout the united States and internationally.

By 2006, Aquafina was making more than $2 billion for PepsiCo annually.

There was some controversy, however, when the company admitted in 2007 that the water they had been selling was nothing an ext than purified tap water.

Since then, the labels on Aquafina bottles have read the the water originates from a publicly water source.

PepsiCo additionally sells brands quickly recognized around the world. These brands encompass sodas various other than Pepsi, such as hill Dew and also 7 Up.

Other beverages offered by Pepsi incorporate Lipton Teas, Tropicana fruit juice, and also Gatorade.

Pepsi additionally sells food products, including the popular chip brands Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, and also Tostitos.

You may be surprised to learn that PepsiCo is also behind the sales that bottled Starbucks products and also Quaker Oats Oatmeal.

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Dasani by Coca Cola

Another top cola brand, Coca Cola, additionally sells bottled water.

You can uncover Dasani bottles nearly everywhere water is sold.

In 2004, Coca Cola had the same scandal v their bottled water the would find PepsiCo in 2007.

It was uncovered that Dasani is insanity water that has actually been additional filtered and comes native the same source as the water from her faucet.

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Which bottled water suppliers use insanity water?

In enhancement to Dasani and Aquafina, some other bottled water brands that are sourced native public water supplies include:

Smart WaterDeja Blue (sold by Dr. Pepper)

If the brand on her bottled water perform a spring or herbal source for the water, climate you have the right to be relatively confident that you are no drinking purified madness water.

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Tap Water and the species of Bottled Water

So, what’s the huge deal v bottled water carriers selling purified madness water? What’s the difference?

Tap water comes indigenous public water sources and also undergoes among a few basic filtration processes.

One of this is flocculation, which adds chemistry to the water that reasons particles to float to the peak so they deserve to be removed from the water.

Another process is sand filtration, i m sorry is supplied to sift out larger pieces that debris in the water.

The 3rd option for filtration is chlorination, which provides chlorine added to the water to kill microorganisms and also bacteria that can potentially injury anyone who drinks them.

Many places have tap water that is perfectly safe to drink. However, if you room nervous about the chemicals or various other particles that might still be current in her tap water, the is possible to filter your tap water in ~ home.

You can do this using a water filtration pitcher, such as a Brita.

This option may be much more cost-effective 보다 constantly to buy bottled water.


Sometimes tap water is unsafe to drink, such as if it becomes contaminated through lead that have the right to be discovered in water pipes. If your tap water has lead or various other toxic components, the is safer come drink bottled water.

Some bottled waters space sourced from natural springs, such as Poland spring water.

Spring water originates from underground and also often go not have the very same level of debris that can be found in the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that source most of our tap water.

Distilled water can be purchase by the gallon at practically any grocery store and also is one more safe alternative to madness water.

Distilled water is made by cook the water so the evaporates and becomes steam the separates native anything the was contaminating it, such as metals and inorganic minerals, which have actually a greater boiling suggest than water.

The steam is built up and cooled to create distilled water.

Companies that market bottled tap water, choose the ones provided above, filter the water much more than it already is once it comes out of her tap.

This allows lock to offer the water under the marketing pretense the bottled water is safer and healthier 보다 tap water. Bottled water that comes from a public source is generally either filtered or purified.


Filtered water usually gets rid of the taste that can be present in part tap water from the chlorine by filtering out the chlorine itself, utilizing carbon filters.

Carbon filters are also used in residence filtration methods, like Brita pitchers, and also can therefore be recreated at residence for a reduced ultimate cost.

Purified water is developed by filtering tap water, lot like filtered water, through the added processes of distillation, reverse osmosis, or deionization.

The multi-step purification methods administer water that has fewer PPM than many other varieties of water. It deserve to be the closest point to pure H2O available.

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So come wrap increase – PepsiCo sells bottled water in the kind of Aquafina.

They likewise sell plenty of other commodities you know and love, favor Gatorade, Doritos, and also much more.

Their bottled water, in addition to Coca Cola’s Dasani and many other popular water brands, is sourced native the exact same public water resources that her tap water comes from.

Bottled water is much much more expensive 보다 tap water, but it deserve to be healthier if her tap water is not safe to drink.

If you desire to stop toxins that can be found in her tap water, go because that bottled water the is distilled or purified.

Or, if your tap water is usually safe come drink and also in order come be an ext environmentally friendly, you have the right to filter that a little more with a filtered pitcher at home – such together a Brita.

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