I have actually a 13 yr girl that is my earliest child, she has crazed me for she belly switch to it is in pierced, ns really dont recognize what to say, there is no sounding end protective, my hubby is dead versus it. I do recognize that 2 of her friends have had it done. I need to say though the bringing increase a teenager is therefore hard and also stressful and left me in tears plenty of of times...:(

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I would say the if your husband has actually said no & girlfriend don"t seem keen climate I would tell she No. She wont prefer it but with teenagers there"s alot they not like around parental rule :lol:My dd is 13 this year and I wouldn"t let her have it done. Once they"ve acquired it they will desire to display it off and also call me old fashioned yet I think it offers the dorn impression for that age group. You may find that some areas wouldn"t do it because that that age group either.

I really wish they would certainly put age retstrictions on body piercing.The NHS alerts it deserve to take approximately a year because that belly button piercings come heal!


I have actually a 13 yr girl who is my oldest child, she has crazed me for her belly button to be pierced, i really dont understand what to say, without sounding over protective, mine hubby is dead versus it. Ns do know that 2 of her friends have had actually it done. I need to say though that bringing up a teens is so hard and stressful and also left me in tears countless of times...:(
Is it around her age or you not wanting she to have one in ~ all?I went v a step of wanting the done and also my mom warned around what can happen if it got infected, and so on then moved on to saying if i really desire one i will certainly still desire it once im 18, suffice to say , ns didn"t and also im glad lol

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I"ve got mine done, and also a tattoo, 3 holes in one ear, and also my sleep pierced together well, but I"m a get an impression up. I would certainly say that 13 is much too young. My dd is 12, nearly 13 and if she wanted it excellent I"d to speak no. Your dd have the right to wait till she is 16 to obtain her piercing. As your OH has said no, climate if ns were you ns would assistance his decision.As a education tip, children tend come nag once they believe they deserve to wear girlfriend down! yes it can be stressful, however stand firm because you"ll advantage in the long run.