People who have actually watched Pawn Stars are likely already familiar through the deals with of the show. There"s owner rick Harrison along with his son, Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, and also Corey"s childhood friend, Austin "Chumlee" Russell. Numerous seasons also include Rick"s father, Richard "Old Man" Harrison, who died as a an outcome of Parkinson"s disease in June 2018 (via Entertainment Weekly). 

However, there is much an ext to the Pawn Stars cast than just Rick Harrison and also his family. By this point, the main actors members are simply that, the actors of the TV show. There"s a totality faculty that functions behind the scenes to do sure people Famous gold & Pawn stays up and also running. It"s rare that viewers acquire to see any of these human being despite the reality that they"re likewise a large reason why Pawn Stars is for this reason successful. However, there is one character who fans have taken a liking to the has gained a fair amount the limelight burned on him.

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One of the much more frequently-seen sidekicks ~ above the set of Pawn Stars is Antwaun, world Famous gold & Pawn"s security guard. In a shop as famous as the one on Pawn Stars, having a bit of muscle to manage some of the chaos isn"t a bad idea, and the generally cool and also calm Antwaun — weighing in at 6 feet five inches tall and 430 ponds — has the brawn, brains, and also bravado to perform the task well (via Pawn Stars Youtube Channel).

Antwaun has been with the Pawn Stars crew because that over a decade, and can periodically be seen in the ago of certain shots. He"s certainly more of a behind-the-scenes character, together his usual duties incorporate checking for shoplifters, greeting customers, and escorting rowdy patrons out of the store. There have actually been times, however, whereby his job has intersected v the show"s stars. The episode "Trading Places" witnessed Chumlee and also Antwaun switching roles for a couple of days. While Antwaun manages to effectively seal a fair deal, Chumlee proves self an incompetent security guard.

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Thanks to his many appearances top top the show, or perhaps because of it, fans have emerged a point for Antwaun. To wit: this tweet from way back in 2012 when the big man"s fan wrote, "The sickest male on pawn stars is the protection guard Antwon." Sure, that human being didn"t bother to number out the exactly spelling the Antwaun"s name, but the enthusiasm appeared genuine. And they"re no alone. As of this writing, his "Security Detail" video clip on YouTube is nearing a million views, and also the clip from his "Trading Places" illustration has already passed that mark by number of hundred thousand. Antwaun likewise occasionally gets his very own trivia inquiries on the show, as pointed out by an astute Redditor, who apparently tracks the "recognition" he gets. One could likewise argue that segments favor that indicate the network has noticed exactly how the fans have actually attached to Antwaun, too. 

And fans don"t seem to it is in the only people who love him. The Pawn Stars us are likewise rather fond the their protection guard. Numerous years ago, Antwaun and also Chumlee also started their own short-lived podcast entitled Street Knowledge (screenshot above). On optimal of that, the so late Old male fondly defined Antwaun in the "Security Detail" clip prefer so: "He"s a really nice guy. Really mellow, but I would not want to overcome him at all."

Hopefully, fans have the right to see more of the calm-yet-confident Antwaun in future illustration of Pawn Stars.