black Butler: 10 facts You Didn't Know around Sebastian Michaelis Sebastian isn"t precisely an open up book, yet there"s still somethings you have the right to learn about this extraordinary butler.

Sebastian Michaelis indigenous Black Butler is the impeccable demon butler of Ciel Phantomhive and has been because that the previous two year in the anime and manga. Expert at about everything under the sun and over the sky, there is not anything this demon cannot carry out or attain if Ciel orders him. However, unbeknownst to plenty of who walk not read the manga, Sebastian wasn"t constantly a perfect butler.

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Though it might be hard to believe that Sebastian was not constantly a perfect and handsome butler, the manga revealed much more about his background as the key story progressed. Native his love of cats to the definition of his critical name, these aspects of Sebastian offered him a lot much more depth to his personality, strengths, and also weaknesses.

Updated on October 4th, 2021 through Claris Lam: This short article was updated for fact-checking and also to much more accurately reflect Sebastian"s well-known traits native the hit series Black Butler.

Sebastian might be a hardhearted and emotionless demon, however that doesn"t median he can"t have actually some likes and dislikes that space human-like. Sebastian"s affection for cat runs so deep that he once kept thirteen cats hidden in his closet for this reason Ciel would not discover out.

Sebastian loves cats due to the fact that he compares them to the creatures he supplied to store over the years, i beg your pardon were no as lovable. His love is no only minimal to little cats, however, together seen during the Circus Arc how he doted end Betty, a tiger.

since he has been approximately for centuries, nobody knows his age. Also Yana Toboso, the writer of the series, wrote in the volume one extras the Sebastian"s age is a secret. The takes on the figure of a tall and handsome adult, presumably to have others reduced their guards.

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It appears to have functioned for the many part, together the personalities of the series, including Beast native the Book that Circus anime adaptation, all seem to be bewitched by his looks. The only hint in ~ his period is part examples and also phrases he provides throughout the series.

Yana Toboso ensures the fans and also readers at all times the Sebastian is a demon, but most seem come forget because of his handsome looks. In at an early stage chapters and also episodes the Black Butler, Sebastian opted to jump out of the steed cart he would ride in with Ciel and also do his organization that way.

He would come back in much less than a minute, or even a couple of seconds, with various forms of information and documents. Granted, horse carts were probably not the fast, yet it doesn"t change the fact.

7 that IS IMMUNE TO bullet WOUNDS

as one would mean of a mythological being, Sebastian is immune to anything made by humans, including guns. In the an initial season the the anime, the opened depicts Sebastian capturing bullets in between his fingers and throwing them ago at his assailants.

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In the very first episode of Book that Circus, Sebastian and Ciel were both shot under by selection of bullets. Although after that it is revealed to be an illusion lugged on by Sebastian, he tells him that human weapons will not kill him.

There"s constantly a an interpretation behind a name, whether that be a real or fictitious person. Sebastian was summoned and also named through Ciel, but the author also added a last surname to offer fans a kick out of what that means. Despite Black Butler being based in London and the personalities are supposed to be speaking English, no one would certainly think twice around his last name, Michaelis.

However, "Michaelis" is actually a pun on words "mikaeri" which way "repayment" in Japanese. This an interpretation reminded everyone about his contract with the young master.


Sebastian isn"t simply simply one hell that a butler, but additionally one hell of a tutor because he is multilingual. He teach Ciel French and Latin, through Ciel gift fluent sufficient in French come speak with various other natives and also a vast understanding that Latin.

While Sebastian is expert in French and also Latin, he likewise knows various other languages, consisting of German and East Franconian, a dialect of southern Germany. Since both his age and how long he has been in this civilization are both unknown, it"s no surprise that he to know a the majority of languages.

also though the is easy to think the Sebastian started his career as an impeccable butler, the fact of the was much from fact considering his demonic origins. When Ciel initially summoned Sebastian, the made the Phantomhive manor appeared after that was shed down in a sea the flames. He in addition prepared one extravagant and also tasty-looking banquet of food that appeared out that nowhere.

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Unfortunately because that both Ciel and also Sebastian, the food tasted horrible. This incident prompted Cie to order Sebastian come learn exactly how to cook and season food properly. Sebastian had actually to learn from scrape to prepare, season, plate, and also ensure whatever he cook tasted together delicious as possible.

3 HE have the right to ONLY be SERIOUSLY wounded BY death SCYTHES

although Sebastian cannot be harmed or killed by weapons developed by humans such together bullets and guns, the doesn"t typical he has no weaknesses. In spite of fans gift led to think that that is incapable of gift harmed indigenous the early on chapters by reflecting him act the impossible, Sebastian can acquire gravely pains by fatality Scythes.

Death Scythes room supernatural items carried by Grim Reapers such as Grell and also can ache Sebastian sufficient to do him bleed. During the publication of Atlantic arc, the is presented how much of a toll fee it took on him.

numerous fans might not be mindful of this, however Ciel had actually a pets dog before his whole family died and also his mansion melted to the ground. Together Sebastian loves cats, Ciel is the opposite in that he loves dogs. As soon as Ciel an initial summoned him and thought about what surname to provide him, he settled on the name Sebastian.

Although Sebastian believed that to be the name of Ciel"s past butler, he to be irritated once he learned the it to be the name of Ciel"s dog. In spite of the complaints in his mind, Sebastian had to accept it without a complaint.

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plenty of fans seem come forget the Sebastian"s true form is much much more gruesome, hence why the dons the illustration of an attractive man. Sebastian"s demonic kind hasn"t been fully revealed, yet it has been hinted in ~ multiple times. He seems to wear black color stilettos, has black wings, and has many eyes. It also seems to it is in atrocious, as when Ciel very first saw it, he had the advice to operation away.