ooVoo is a video clip chat and instant message program. Unlike other video chatting programs, it permits you to video clip chat with up to 12 people at a time. The is cost-free to download and to use. Find ooVoo on her device. How you execute this will...

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Find ooVoo on your device. exactly how you perform this will rely on the device you are using. OoVoo needs Windows XP or later, Mac OSX 10.7 or later, Android 2.2 or later, or iOS 6.0 or later. Nevertheless of your device, though, that will always be free to download. If you space using a computer, go to oovoo.com. Click the black color oval in ~ the bottom that says, "Download ooVoo." follow the instruction in the home window that mr up. If you are using an iphone or Ipad, find for ooVoo in the iTunes application Store, and click download. If you room using an Android device, find for ooVoo in the Google play Store, and click download.

Connect your camera to ooVoo. If your maker uses a camera the is enclosed via a USB cord, you will need to affix it prior to opening ooVoo. If ooVoo doesn"t automatically attach with it, click "Settings" in ~ the top and also select your camera. If you are using a phone or a tablet, this step will be unnecessary. Likewise, if your computer system has a built in video clip camera, it will certainly automatically attach to your ooVoo.

Open ooVoo. as soon as you"ve downloaded the app, you"ll must open it. If you"re making use of a phone call or tablet, simply navigate come your residence screen and also click on the ooVoo icon. If you"re using a computer, girlfriend will discover it in everything location you made decision to download it come (most most likely your "Downloads" folder or her desktop).

Accept the terms and also conditions. OoVoo will need access to specific information in order come work. Read through the terms and conditions, and also click "Accept." In a couple of moments, ooVoo will be set up and also ready to use.

Sign up or log in in. If you already have an ooVoo account, you have the right to simply authorize in at this point. If not, ooVoo will ask you to create an account by entering her name, email, password, birthday, gender, and also a username. Remember, when you produce a username, you won"t it is in able to adjust it.<1> X Research resource friend can additionally register an account via Facebook. If you chose to carry out so, your information will every be gotten in automatically. Just click the button at the bottom the the screen that says, "Connect v Facebook." You need to be 13 year or larger to produce an ooVoo account.
Search for your friends. as soon as you open ooVoo, you will see a large orange switch that says, "Add Friends." Click it, and you will have actually a pair options.
Add friends through Facebook. If you developed your ooVoo account with Facebook, any friends who have actually done the same will automatically pop up. Click on the name of anyone you want to add, and then click, "Add." The various other person needs to accept your request prior to you deserve to chat through them. When they accept, you"ll be all set to video call.
Add friends without connecting come Facebook. If girlfriend didn"t produce your account through Facebook, or if friend did and want to find friends that did not, click the button at the top of your screen that states "Search ooVoo." type your friend"s name, ID, or email in the search bar the pops up. Click "Search." pick your friend, and also click "Add." The other person needs to accept her request before you deserve to chat through them. Once they accept, you"ll be prepared to video call.
Invite a friend that doesn"t have ooVoo yet. come invite someone new to ooVoo, click Contacts>Invite her Friends. Go into your friend"s email address, and also ooVoo will send she an invite.
Check who"s online. To watch which of your friends are online, look in ~ the perform on the left side of her screen. The friends that have a environment-friendly circle next to their name are online.
Call among your friends. twin click a name, or click the video clip camera next to it, to start a video chat with that person. her friend can decided to answer, reject, or start a text chat as soon as she sees your call. If she answers, you"ll it is in in a video chat with her.
Add much more friends come the conversation.

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Click "Add to Call>Contacts." Scroll down the list until you discover the human you want to add, and also click "Add Friend." Again, they deserve to answer, reject, or start a message chat. Girlfriend can add up to 12 friends.<2> X Research resource If you"re using ooVoo ~ above a mobile device, you will only have the ability to see 4 friends on your display at one time. You will certainly be able to adjust which encounters you view at any type of given moment, however, and also hear the voices of but many world are in the conversation.