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How to resolve a mayor of a U.S. City

————-Or – it’s a bit less formal every on one line:—————–The Honorable (Full name)————-—-Mayor the (municipality)————-—-(Address)

—-Letter salutation:—-—-Dear mayor (surname):

—-Conversation:—-—-Mayor (surname):—-—-Mayor—-—-Your Honor

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Robert Hickey author of “Honor & Respect”

Is a previous Mayor Addressed as Mayor (Name)?

I to be addressing an invitation to a previous mayor. Exactly how do i correctly perform that??—–– Karen Szczpanski just how to attend to the market of a united state City

Hi Karen:Address a previous mayor ~ above the envelope or deal with block the a letter with this form:—–—–The Honorable (Full name)—–—–Address

On the salutation, in conversation, or if your invitation has actually an inside envelope usage this:—–—–Mr./Mrs./Dr./etc. (Surname)

Sometimes friend will watch or hear former mayors addressed together Mayor (name) but it is not correct, resolve a former mayor as Mr./Ms./Dr./etc. – everything honorific lock had before becoming (Mayor) (Name).

The reason? In a city over there is only one mayor at a time. It’s no respectful come the existing office holder, and is potentially confusing to be addressing more than one person as Mayor (Name).

Being addressed as Mayor (Name) is a courtesy the the office and is reserved for the present office holder.

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I know, i know, i know, friend hear former mayors addressed in the media or referred to as Mayor (Name), but addressing a former mayor together Mayor (Name) is just a reporter flattering the previous official’s ego, or the former official search to continue to gain the courtesies early his or her former lofty post.

judges, ambassadors, generals, admirals, professors, senators etc. At a time — and also these former office holders do use your (Special Honorific)+(Name) in every instance for the rest of their lives.>