Welcome! i am excited you’re ready to provide Ghost Story Island a go! you can start Ghost Story Island by speak to the male in prior of the Gingerbread residence (on her left). If all goes well, you will certainly be given some salt and also are ready for the following step.

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After you have actually successfully built up the salt, head in the direction of your left until you come at the Hemlock Cemetery. A human will arrive at the cemetery and leave friend a pamphlet. After you have actually received the pamphlet, talk to the male in the suit and then walk left and talk come the kid. Questioning the kid, “Can i help?” You will then should go earlier to key Street and enter the Hemlock Herald.

Ghost Story Island video Walkthrough

Once you have arrived at the Hemlock Herald, head towards your right and also talk to the lady. She’ll permit you to study archives in the archive Room.

At the archive Room, look because that a box containing folders (located come the best of the furnace). Click the box and also flip to the 4th page as soon as the folders appear; Silas Moon will be emphasize on the list. Close out of the folders and also make your means back to main Street by exiting the save on computer Room and Hemlock Herald. You room now compelled to go earlier to the Hemlock Cemetery (on your far left).

The mystery of Fiona

At the Hemlock Cemetery, talk to the son again — he’ll provide you a key. Afterwards, head in the direction of your best until you arrive at the Hemlock Inn. Get in the Hemlock Inn and also talk come the lady top top the right, and then go up the stairs located on your left. Enter Room 2B and also take a nap by clicking the bed. You will currently experience a secret phenomenon and also everything will started to move when girlfriend awaken.


After you are able to watch your character, click the cabinet that is blocked by the chair. A group of world will appear and also talk come you; exit the hotel room and also proceed down the stairway after your conversation ends. After you’re back at the lobby the the Hemlock Inn, look towards your appropriate for a violin situated near a piano — ar the violin right into your backpack. Leave the Hemlock Inn.

You space now motivated to speak to the male on the right near the shore. After ~ you’re done talking to the poptropican, he’ll leave with a girlfriend — click his binoculars located in the prior of his tent. Next, take the end the violin you choose up in ~ the Hemlock Inn (located in your backpack).

You must now be play your Violin — fill up the progression level by relocating your mouse left to right. You’ll eventually notice a ruckus in the attic that the building; take out your binoculars and click on the optimal of the window. After clicking the top of the window, run on optimal of the tent and then top top the mossy rock situated to the best of the tent. Look for an enntrance gate to a trip of stairs towards the top of the screen. Click the enntrance gate (a door) and proceed down the trip of stairs. Go left and continue on by taking second flight of stairs. It’ll start to collapse; go left and take cover alongside the smallest box you have the right to find.


You will certainly now have to push package to the ideal until the big box is under the upper half of the staircase — then, using the box, jump up to the upper fifty percent of the staircase. As soon as you’ve reached the staircase, go to the right and also click on the telescope to expose a woman. After talking to her, exit the structure via the same course you supplied to go into the old ziggurat. Go ago to main Street.

Enter the Gingerbread House and tell the woman, “Fiona sent me.” You will certainly be offered a heat scanner, EMF detector, thermometer, and also a camera.

Click ~ above the plate of food situated on the table (on her right) and also you’ll case some hot Cross Buns. Leaving the Gingerbread House and go to the Hemlock Cemetery. Monitor a maze to a set of gateways containing the letter “A” by clicking the gates containing the letter “H.” If you’re having actually trouble finding your method through the maze, usage the map at the top right of the display to overview yourself to the upper left place on the map (you will find the gate there).

The Ghost Story “Ghost”

After showing up at the collection of entrances containing the letter “A”, proceed on v the structure and also go right. You will now have to jump onto the huge grave to reach the hill — a woman will certainly then urge that friend hide and a guy will appear. Girlfriend will have to take a picture of the character, so usage your camera once the icon flashes top top your display screen (by relocating your mouse about until you watch him).


After you have actually successfully recorded a snapshot of the Poptropican, go ago to the gates and click ~ above the orange “H” symbol on the map. Departure the Hemlock Cemetery by exiting the “H” gate and also go to main Street. Go into the Herald and talk come the woman; unveil the picture you previously recorded as proof. You will be provided a price of $50.00. Leave the Herald and go come the Bank.

Assuming you are at the Bank, walk right and also talk come the receptionist behind the counter. After a tiny chat v the receptionist, continue right and you’ll eventually arrive in ~ the financial institution vault. Talk to the Police Officer and also deposit the $50.00. You will then notice movement beneath the floor; using your heat scanner, look for a ghost. Go back to the Hemlock Herald.

If you gone into the Herald, leave and also go ago to the main Street — you have to be exterior of the structure. Talk to the group of Poptropicans analysis the newspaper and also then check out a few articles yourself by clicking the stack of newspapers. Near the Newspaper and talk come the guy wearing a suit.

Navigating the Ghostly Sea

It’s currently time to find out what shore the ship arrived at; store going right and also you’ll eventually locate the shore. You’ll additionally see a guy on the coast — talk to him and give him the an essential to Room B. Obtain on his ship and also enter the door (you will certainly now be able to use the delivery to navigate to different locations).

Find the exit Prison. Click on the Dock and also then walk increase the stairway to get in the abandoned Prison. Use your EMF Detector and go appropriate until you discover the elevator — usage the elevator to go to the H Level and also then find the Warden’s Office (go right).


Enter the Warden’s Office and use your warm Cross Buns (you discovered the buns at the Gingerbread House). Speak to the ghost. Go ago to the Elevator and go to the D Level. Find and also click ~ above the eight jail cell — you’ll it is in locked within the cell. In order come escape, press the bed come the right to unveil an to escape route and enter the tunnel (be certain to equip your thermal scanner to discover the ghost).

Collect the sardines, pickaxe, and note come prisoner together you follow the tunnel. It’s currently time come find and talk come the sinner (which need to be an easy task). After ~ a brief conversation with the prisoner, head ago to the prison cell and use the pickaxe to escape. Take it the elevator and go to the A Level. Leave the abandoned Prison and go earlier to the delivery (boat). Walk to the Lighthouse (located in the middle-left of the ocean).

Dock the ship at the Lighthouse and also claim the torch in ~ the enntrance gate of the watchtower. Equip the torch and enter the Lighthouse. It’s now time to finish the hardest part of Ghost Story Island.


You will require to obtain to the beacon the the Lighthouse. It’s walking to take a the majority of frustration and patience to with the Beacon. I strongly encourage you to crouch after ~ every step you take, since by not doing so, you danger being to win by a gust of wind. As you make your way to the top, make little moves after every gust the wind (don’t forget come crouch) until you with the Lighthouse Beacon. In addition, you may stumble ~ above a few openings, therefore you’ll additionally need to jump.

When you with the top of the Lighthouse, rise up the rope and also click top top the communication on the right. Equip her EMF Detector and also then use your thermometer; you should then be able to spot number of damaged pipes. Go to the Rooftop and click ~ above the light; straight the light in the direction of the abandoned Prison.

Return come the watercraft by jumping off of the Lighthouse and go come the coast at the bottom — your thermal scanner will sound. Go ago to the Lighthouse and you’ll see a floating torch moving up the stairs. You’ll need to follow the floating torch, however don’t worry — the direction of the wind has actually shifted, for this reason there’s no need to crouch as you head increase the stairs.

Cracking the Case

If girlfriend haven’t already figured the end what to do next, rise up the rope again and also get top top the platform on the right. Talk to the ghost. Go back to your boat and also go north to find and also examine the submerged boat. You’ll be rewarded a locket. Go earlier to the key shore and also go come the Abandoned structure (jump on top of the tent and rock again). Walk to the abandoned Building’s attic via the floor entrance and move some more boxes to run onto the staircase.


At the Attic, go left and you’ll come at a bedroom. Run on the platform and also talk come the woman. ~ handing over number of items come the Poptropican, leave the communication (jump down) and pick increase the scrapbook. Departure the abandoned Building and also head west on main Street (past the Herald) till you arrive at a fountain through a bird top top top. Click the bird and use the sardines to acquire the feathered creature to paris away. Run to the optimal of the fountain and click on the bird’s swarm to pickup a ring.

Go to the Hemlock Cemetery and enter through the “H” gate. Navigate to the top-right corner of the Hemlock Cemetery making use of your map and enter v the brand-new “B” gate. Go appropriate until you come at the wood doors. Speak to the man and give that the ring you gathered from the bird’s nest. After ~ you’re finished talk to the man, go ago through the “B” gate and also click top top the “H” door on your map. In ~ the Hemlock Cemetery, go eastern on key Street and enter the Herald.


At the Herald, go right until you come at the save on computer Room and also then click the computer system located near the furnace. Friend will should select and rotate the handle to collection the display date to 1929. Go to lot of A of the Hemlock Cemetery. Get in the cemetery gate and also click top top the “A” gate of the map. Go with the gate and also head in the direction of the upper left through jumping ~ above the graves and also grass hills — you have to run throughout a big grave and an open casket. Climb under the ladder v the open casket to start a new maze. You have the right to solve the maze by walk up, down, and left; friend must discover the mystery ladder.

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After you have completed the maze, rise up the secret ladder and also hide from the ghost. You will certainly then need to surprise the ghost and also follow him under the ladder. When you come at the room again, run to the upper best to watch the ghost beside the grave. Speak to the ghost and also he will unveil the secret of Ghost Story Island. You have now completed Ghost Story Island and will it is in awarded a medallion.