You"ll definitely want come heal your Pokemon as soon as you obtain into the Pokemon league building. Get in the PC, and also draw out any Pokemon you desire to use during battle.Stock up on some vital items, such as full Restore and also Revive. After that, save the game in situation youlose, and also talk come the main standing through the entrance. Walk inside, and also get ready to battle the upstream Four!

The very first member of the Elite 4 is Lorelei. She provides Ice and also WaterPokemon. Her Pokemon are noted below:

The second member of the Elite four is Bruno. He offers Fighting and RockPokemon. His Pokemon are listed below:

The 3rd member that the Elite 4 is Agatha. She supplies Ghost and also PoisonPokemon. Her Pokemon are provided below:

The fourth member the the Elite four is Lance, likewise known as theDragon Champion. He supplies Dragon Pokemon. His Pokemon are detailed below:

After battling the elite Four, you can think it"s over. Yet it"s no over the yet; it"s time to face thereal champion: Gary!

Gary"s the champion. He has actually a full team of solid Pokemon. Defeatinghim needs a lot more strategy 보다 the upstream Four. Below are his Pokemon.

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The room of Fame

After defeating Gary, Prof. Oak will pertained to talk come you. After ~ a quick conversation, he"ll command you into the earlier room, and enter your Pokemon and also yourself right into the hall of Fame. You are currently a Pokemon Master!

After you and your Pokemon have actually been honored, you, Gary, and also Prof. Oak will certainly leave the building. Immediately afterwards,the credits will begin to roll, and you"ll be running home. You"ve completed the game. All you have to do now is sit back and watch the ending. Well,if the was what friend thought, then you"re wrong! The game isn"t end yet!

What much more Is there To Do?

The video game will restart itself, and also you"ll be earlier in Pallet Town. If you"ve captured much more than sixty Pokemon now,Prof. Oak will certainly upgrade her PokeDex, together with Gary"s. After the upgrade, you"ll find a "National" section, i m sorry can display up come 386 Pokemon. With this PokeDex, friend can explore the rest of the SeviiIslands and catch Johto Pokemon (Pokemon that showed up in Gold/Silver/Crystal versions).

Of course, that"s not all. After beating the elite Four, the legendary beasts indigenous Gold/Silver/Crystal will appear randomly in Kanto. The legend beast that will show up will count on the starter Pokemon friend chose. Either Entei (Bulbasaur),Suicune (Charmander), or Raikou (Squirtle) will certainly appear.

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They space all at lv. 50, and also are really hard to meet and also catch.