Breeding Pokemon is one means of structure your team that creatures in the "Pokemon" video game series. Pokemon hatched from eggs have accessibility to move that might not generally be obtainable to that is species. You will very first need to find a girlfriend from one of two people the Monster egg team or Dragon egg team to breed Charizard in "Pokemon FireRed." Afterward, you can take these Pokemon come the Day treatment on Floe Island to begin the breeding process.

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Add Charizard come your energetic party. The only way to achieve Charizard if girlfriend don"t currently have one is by selecting Charmander as your starter Pokemon and then maintain it to level 36, in ~ which allude it i do not care Charizard.

Capture a Pokemon the belongs to the Dragon or Monster egg group. The Dragon egg group incorporates reptilian and also serpentine species, such together Dratini, Ekans and also Seadra. The Monster egg team offers more options; some examples of Pokemon in this egg group are Cubone, Squirtle, Rhyhorn and also Lapras.

Fly come Vermilion City in central Kanto.

Go to the harbor in the south ar of Vermilion City.

Board a Seagallop Ferry destined for Floe Island in the Sevii islands archipelago.

Go the Pokemon Day treatment on Floe Island. The Day treatment is north from the island’s harbor.

Talk to the owner of the job Care. She will offer to watch 2 of your Pokemon, so leaving Charizard and its potential mate.

Check the compatibility the the two Pokemon in ~ the Day care by talk to the yonsi man external the building. Uncover a brand-new mate for Charizard if the Pokemon don’t prefer each other.

Walk 256 steps away indigenous the work Care. The owner will offer you one egg when you return. The egg will hatch right into Charmander if the Charizard is female, which will thrive into another Charizard. The child Pokemon will belong to the same species as its mom if Charizard is male.

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Charmander may come armed with an attack it normally cannot learn depending upon its father. For example, Charmander might possess ancient Power, a Rock-type move, if the father is a Cubone or Marawak. The may have actually Outrage, a Dragon-type attack, if the father is Dratini, Dragonair or Dragonite.


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