Creating an L-shaped staircase with and without a foundation in the Sims 3 is a reasonably easy process. It may take players that are brand-new a couple of tries to acquire some of the steps simply right, but they will certainly easily record on. This tutorial consisst of eight steps.

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Step One

The first step is come lay the home’s foundation. Next, the walls must be added using the wall tool. There should be 2 floors come the house.If you are producing stairs without a foundation, simply begin bu building a two-story house with 4 walls, a wall on every side that the house. For beginners, that is most basic to have precise corner the the house, in ~ at least one end, since it will make it much easier to produce the L-shaped stairway there.

Step Two

The player should now decide whereby they will location their L-shape staircase. If this is the first time you are doing this tutorial, the is a an excellent idea to location the staircase against an external wall. It is also recommended that part floor tiles be supplied to mark off whereby the staircase will certainly go ~ above the ground floor.

Step Three

Using the connecting stairs, place two staircases outside. These 2 stair cases should be close to the edge of the home where the L-shaped staircase will certainly be. That is recommended they be put on the third tile out from the house and also the first connecting staircase should be inserted three tiles behind the edge of the house (the peak landing the this staircase should be the 4th tile. The second connecting staircase’s upper landing must be the height staircase’s reduced landing.

Step Four

The two sets that connecting stairs need to now be eliminated by clicking them with the connecting stairway tool and also simultaneously holding under CTRL. The terrain will certainly be lowered choose it was as soon as the connecting stairs to be placed. Using the structure tool, add a 1x1 square block of foundation to the lowest part of the terrain (where the reduced landing of the lower staircase was). As soon as the foundation square is there, use the wall surface tool and add four walls on top of it.

If building without a foundation, remove the two connecting staircases that were simply placed outside of the residence by clicking the connecting stair device while holding down the CTRL key at the same time. The terrain will remain the means it was as soon as they connecting stairs to be placed. One the exterior of the residence where the bottom that the lowest connecting stair’s landing was use the wall surface tool and place a 1x1 square of wall surfaces so the it looks prefer a pillar.

Step Five

First, enter the cheat code constrainFloorElevation false. Head come the houses first floor and make sure the walls room in the under position. Making use of the terrain leveling tool, traction it from the optimal of the one-story shaft you just built on the next of the house and drag it end to the house, come the corner you wish to ar the stair in.

Step Six

Take the floor tool and also place one floor tile wherein the optimal of the stairs will be, and another where the corner of the stairs will certainly be. This will develop two north tiles in between the 2 floor tiles you just placed. You deserve to use the top-down see to make certain that there is sufficient room to place the stairs.

Step Seven

Place the top trip of connecting stair first, and then location the lower flight of stairs. The top flight must be placed first. If you place the reduced flight first you will not be able to place the peak flight, and will must start native the start to acquire it come work.

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Step Eight

Once the stairs are put on the wall, the next of the stairs ~ above the second floor will be drooping down. To correct this, take the terrain leveling tool and drag the from the highest edge of the roof diagonally to the lowest corner.Turn turn off the cheat code by start constrainFloorElevation true. Delete the obelisk on the exterior of the house. Currently your L-shaped stairs v or without a structure is complete.