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What Is Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type legend Pokémon featured in the original Pokémon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow games. Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokémon of the an initial generation games and also was the star of the first Pokémon movie. Mewtwo does not evolve to or from an additional Pokémon; rather, Mewtwo to be cloned indigenous Mew and is a genderless Pokémon. It has actually a humanoid posture, a lengthy purple tail and also three ring digits on each finger. Mewtwo has actually what is doubt to be a an additional spinal cord connecting the skull come the spine.

Mewtwo is decidedly the toughest Pokémon to catch of the first generation games, bring about players come hoard their understand Balls because that this occasion. Mewtwo is a very strong Pokémon with powerful Psychic-type moves; it’s signature move, Psystrike, has a power of 100 and also 100% accuracy. It’s basic Special attack is a lining 154. Recording Mewtwo is a triumphant minute in any type of Pokémon game. However, Mewtwo can only be discovered in a select couple of of the Pokémon games.


Learn how and also where to record Mewtwo with suggested Pokémon moves and more.

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How to record Mewtwo

As a legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is no easy catch. Legendary Pokémon only appear once in the game and also have better stats and movesets 보다 the normal wild Pokémon. If you room serious about successfully catching the well known Mewtwo, you’ll need a decent share of an effective Pokéballs. While that is easiest to snag Mewtwo through a understand Ball, there are various other options. Before you begin your hunt because that Mewtwo, stock up on the adhering to Pokéballs:

Master Ball(s)Ultra BallsTimer Balls

The Master Ball is 100% guaranteed to capture any kind of wild Pokémon, no matter the toughness or or rarity. In the original Pokémon games, the player just received one understand Ball per saved game; in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow, the player obtains a understand Ball after speak to the chairman of Silph Co. After beating Giovanni. Silph Co. Is situated in Saffron City in the Kanto region of the Pokémon games. However, in Generation II, Generation III and also Generation IV Pokémon games, players space able to win an ext Master Balls through the Pokémon Lottery Corner and also on the happy Channel. Both of this lotteries take location on the soil floor of the Goldenrod Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.


The Lottery in Goldenrod City sometimes offers rare prizes, like grasp Balls!

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Ultra Balls have actually a 100% greater chance to catch Pokémon than a normal Pokeball and a 33% greater chance than a good Ball. Many Pokemarts in the Pokémon games sell Ultra Balls for 1200 Pokedollars apiece; if other options are cheaper, Ultra Balls room much much more effective and also worth the money. If you are going up versus Mewtwo and also don’t have actually a grasp Ball, shot to stock up top top fifty or much more Ultra Balls—you are going to need them.


Ultra Balls space the strongest Pokeballs you have the right to buy native the bag Mart.

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Timer Balls were introduced in the Generation III Pokemon gamings as one alternative method to capture wild Pokemon. The beginning effectiveness the a Timer round is no far better than the simple Pokeball; however, because that every ten transforms that happen in battle with a wild Pokémon, the performance of a Timer sphere increases. Timer Balls are offered for 1000 Pokedollars apiece in most Pokemarts. A Timer Ball’s efficiency can be calculated through the adhering to formula:

Generation III and Generation IV: (Amount of transforms in battle + 10) /10 (maximum up to 4x)Generation V: 1x + 1229/4096 (maximum up to 4x)

With all legendary Pokémon, the is much more effective to use Pokémon with details moves. Legend Pokémon favor Mewtwo are well-known for breaking out of Pokeballs just when girlfriend think you’ve weakened them enough. Moving Pokémon in her party v moves that reason status ailments can help turn the tides of battle. Part moves to aid capture Mewtwo include:

False SwipeSporeThunderwave

False Swipe is a Normal-type move presented in Generation II gamings that help prevent beating a wild Pokémon by accident. If the player deals much more damage with False Swipe than the foe’s present HP, it is guarantee to leaving the target standing through 1 HP. Countless Pokemon deserve to learn this relocate through leveling, such as Cubone or Zangoose. From Generation IV games onward, particular Pokémon have the right to learn the relocate by to buy TM54 (such together Sneasel or Gligar). This relocate is perfect for catching Legendary Pokémon if friend can acquire it.


You can buy TMs like False Swipe from room malls in significant cities.

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Spore is among the top of the sleep-inducing Pokémon moves out there due to the fact that it has 100% accuracy; Sleep Powder additionally puts the target come sleep, however only with 75% accuracy. The accuracy the Hypnosis is a mere 60%. Putting Mewtwo come sleep will help your Pokémon take less damage, give you time come heal her damaged Pokémon and help you do damage to Mewtwo without any kind of counterattacks. Spore can be learned by leveling Paras and Parasect in many games, and also is usually learned by level 30.


Paras learn Spore in ~ a low level - don't exchange that for another move!

Jessica Marello, fair Use: Pokémon SoulSilver (video game)

Paralysis is a Pokémon condition ailment that prevents a Pokémon from gift able to attack. Under Paralysis, a Pokémon’s speed likewise decreases through 25%. Over there are countless Pokémon move that cause Paralysis, numerous of them gift Electric and Ground-type moves. Thunderwave is an Electric-type relocate with both 100% accuracy and 100% probability of paralysing the target Pokémon. Thunderwave deserve to be learned by many Electric-type Pokémon and is especially reliable to have actually on-hand.

Status impacts like Paralysis have the right to make a legendary Pokemon less complicated to catch.

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When you leaving to capture Mewtwo, keep in mental the level of her party Pokémon, as well as their states and move types. Mewtwo is a level 70 legend Pokémon; if your Pokémon room not at least level 65, their moves may not it is in as powerful or their stats high sufficient to host up versus Mewtwo. Furthermore, making use of Pokémon the weak against Mewtwo’s move or have moves that space weak against Mewtwo won’t acquire you anywhere. Prior to you go, make certain that:

Your Pokémon’s levels match Mewtwo’s levelMewtwo’s move aren’t effective against your PokémonMewtwo is weak versus your Pokémon

Be mindful when picking Pokémon to put in your party; matching Mewtwo’s level is great, yet beating that by a longshot could reason you to loss Mewtwo through accident. When Pokémon level 80 or greater would be much an ext powerful versus a level 70 Mewtwo, their moves could do as well much damage (unless you have actually a Pokemon with False Swipe). Always remember to save your game prior to approaching Mewtwo, the last point you want is to loss the legend Pokémon v no means to capture it again.

Always remember to conserve your game before facing a legend Pokemon choose Mewtwo.

Jessica Marello, same Use: Pokemon (video game)

Mewtwo is immune come no Pokémon type, yet resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type moves by 1/2x. These varieties of moves will reason very small damage come Mewtwo and also hinder her abilities. ~ above the other hand, Mewtwo is weak come Pokémon with Bug, Ghost and also Dark-type moves. Having Pokémon in her party that fit this summary will make damaging Mewtwo easier, and catching the legend Pokémon less of a challenge. Be certain to inspect your own party Pokémon because that weaknesses, Mewtwo primarily uses Psychic and Normal-type moves, so avoid Pokémon that room weak to these types.

Where to capture Mewtwo

Unfortunately, Mewtwo can not be captured in every Pokémon game that has been made. Players of certain generation gamings will no be may be to attain Mewtwo without making use of trading, the time Capsule, the Pal Park or punctured Transfer. If you very own a Pokémon game where Mewtwo is not available, you have the right to play an additional game that includes Mewtwo, defeat Mewtwo and transfer the Pokémon to your favorite game, or you can shot trading end the Nintendo WiFi feature. This article about getting a Charmander in the Pokemon games has an ext information around these features.

Pokemon GenerationPokemon GameGame Location

Generation I

Red, Blue, Yellow

Cerulean Cave

Generation III


Cerulean Cave

Generation III


Cerulean Cave

Generation IV

HeartGold, SoulSilver

Cerulean Cave

Generation VI

Pokemon X, Pokemon Y

Unknown Dungeon

Generation VII

Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon

Ultra space Wilds (Rocky World)

It is only feasible to catch Mewtwo in the above Pokémon games. The Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, and SoulSilver games attribute the Kanto an ar of Pokémon, along with Mewtwo’s initial location: Cerulean Cave. Up until Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, other Pokémon games that do not show off the Kanto an ar did not have the capability to catch Mewtwo. Mewtwo is discovered in the Cerulean cavern (or Unknown Cave), and also always accessible after the player defeat the elite Four. Beating the Elite four will give you accessibility to the national Pokedex, after ~ which friend can begin to look because that Mewtwo.

If you travel to Vermillion City, girlfriend will find a cave that is now open. To access the cave, take trip north to course 24 and also use the HM03 Surf to get to the cave entrance. Inside the cave, discover your method to the bottom floor. In ~ the very bottom the the cave, you will come throughout Mewtwo. Be aware that wild Pokémon in Cerulean Cave selection from level 46 come 70. If you room looking to protect against wild Pokémon encounters, usage a Repel, Super Repel or Max Repel and be certain that the very first Pokémon in your team is the highest; wold Pokemon through a reduced level than this Pokémon will certainly be avoided.

In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, players can uncover Mewtwo in the Unknown Dungeon in southerly Kalos, accessed native Pokémon Village. Making use of Surf is the only way to reach the little cave! If you room playing Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, girlfriend will discover Mewtwo in the Ultra an are Wilds (Rocky World). This is reached through eco-friendly warp holes. Good luck capturing your legendary Mewtwo!

Questions & Answers

Question: have the right to we capture Mewtwo with colony ball?

Answer: that is unlikely, due to the fact that Nest balls work best on Pokemon of lower levels.

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