Marilyn Monroe knows sexy, and that’s why the Monroe piercing was called after her! The Monroe piercing lives on the upper left lip, mimicking her iconic beauty, beauty spot. Thinking around getting one? You’ve pertained to the best place. In this Monroe piercing guide, we’ll tell you every little thing you need to know about this subtle and also sexy lip piercing consisting of piercing aftercare guidelines, Monroe piercing jewelry types, piercing pain tolerance, the Monroe piercing procedure, Monroe body jewelry, and so lot more. Prepared to acquire started?


Monroe Piercing LocationLike we discussed above, the Monroe piercing sits on the skin over your top left lip. It’s located in the same place as Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty beauty mark.

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Monroe Piercing ProcessThis piercing is frequently performed with a sterile 14 gauge-16 gauge hole piercing needle. Asking a skilled for an ext information the Monroe piercing procedure before getting your piercing.

Healing Time: around 6-12 weeks. Note: the healing process varies from human being to person.Recommended Monroe Piercing Jewelry: Labret jewelry favor flat back labret lip rings.

Now the you recognize the basics, let’s destruction a tiny deeper through some well-known piercing FAQs and also learn much more about this stylish human body piercing:

Q: just how long walk it take a Monroe Piercing to heal?A: Healing time will vary from person-to-person and also will depend on her body. Typically, a Monroe piercing takes about 6-12 weeks to totally heal. Come insure proper healing for your oral piercing, be sure to follow appropriate aftercare routines, practice ideal oral hygiene, choose brushing her teeth, and keep the original piece of jewel in the piercing until it’s totally healed.

Q: how painful is a Monroe piercing?A: Piercing pain relies on your pain tolerance. We recommend talking through a piercing professional around pain management during the piercing process and throughout the healing time.

Q: just how much walk a Monroe piercing cost?A: Piercing prices differ from city to city. Us recommend phone call your regional piercing shop to get specific estimate because that Monroe piercing cost. It’s crucial to keep in mental that part labret lip rings and labret studs are an ext expensive 보다 others, so be sure to aspect in jewelry once planning for her piercing.

Q: just how do ns clean my piercing?A: Piercing aftercare is essential! Be sure to monitor the aftercare practices noted by her piercer come insure ideal healing. We recommend using H2Ocean aftercare spray and also using a cotton swab because that hard-to-reach areas after the piercing procedure. Remember to wash her hands prior to touching her piercing, and be sure to clean any new jewelry thoroughly with warm, soapy water before insertion. Since this piercing is an oral piercing, be certain to practice proper oral hygiene prefer brushing your this at least twice daily.

Q: What need to I do if my Monroe piercing it s okay infected?A: If friend experience any kind of pain, discomfort, redness, or swelling at the piercing site, us recommend removing her jewelry immediately and contacting a health care professional. To aid reduce the danger of infection, it’s crucial to follow all aftercare directions and also avoid emotional your piercing throughout the healing process. If you need to touch her piercing, be certain to wash your hands with heat soapy water. It’s also essential come rinse her mouth thoroughly and frequently.

Q: When deserve to I readjust my Monroe piercing jewelry?A: when your piercing is completely healed, you can readjust your jewelry and decorate v labret studs. If she not certain whether or no your piercing is fully healed, us recommend contacting her piercing professional. As always, be certain to clean any new jewelry through warm, soapy water prior to insertion and also clean her piercing every time you change your jewelry. As soon as your piercing is healed, Spencer’s has all the labret jewelry friend need!

Q: What is the different in between a Monroe piercing and Madonna piercing?A: great question! It’s vital to remember the a Monroe piercing mimics Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark, for this reason it sit on the left next of the top lip. The Madonna piercing mimics Madonna’s beauty, beauty mark, i m sorry is on the appropriate side the her optimal lip. Though really similar, the difference lies on which side of the confront you acquire your piercing.

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Q: Why do not do it I gain a Monroe Piercing?A: If you’re not sure if this piercing is right for you, we recommend doing your research and speaking to a experienced piercer. Over there are numerous lip piercing species to select from, so it’s necessary that you think about all piercing ideas prior to committing.

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