Changing your tragus piercing deserve to be quite an obstacle. That"s bereason of the little sized balls on your tragus piercing. Fortunately, tright here a several tips and tricks explaining various challenges piercings bring us. We desire to share a straightforward however advantageous reminder via you around altering your tragus piercing without trouble!

1 - Take the bevery one of your tragus piercing between your thumb and also index finger, via the screw thread pointed forwards. 

2 - Turn the bar roughly, additionally via your thumb and index finger.

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Here at Piercing Mania, we gain many inquiries around the tragus piercing. Many of the time it is about exactly how you need to adjust the tragus piercing. Some human being discentregalilee.comver it really difficult to put on a tragus piercing bereason of the small ball size.

A lot of world try to put on their tragus piercing by screwing loose one of the balls and placing the bar in from the front to the back. After that the majority of human being attempt to screw on the ball from the earlier, which provides quite an obstacle through those small balls. By reversing this method, you will provide your finger more room to screw the ball on your tragus piercing.

Tip 1 - Screw the sphere that is intended to be in the back loose. In the picture, this represents number 1.Step 2 - Put the round in between your thumb and also index finger. Hold the sphere in the back of your tragus.Step 3 - Place the bar(number 2 in the image) via your tragus, from front to ago.Tip 4 - Make certain that the thread and the sphere are on the exact same level and that the ball have the right to be screwed ago into the piercing.Step 5 - Instead of turning your index finger and also thumb holding the ball, revolve the bar(number 2 in the image).

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