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Hi all,New come the totality S-10 thing. Just bought one a month ago.Have a 98 s10 zr2 hands-on 5-speed.Is there any method to check/refill the tranny fluid in the engine compartment? If so, wherein is it? because I have not been able to find it. Sorry if this is the wrong location for this, just searching for some help.
-Sold: 1994 S-10 | Std. Cab | 2.2L | 5spd. | 4:10"s
I when purposely did a rojo 35-70mph burnout previous a prius just because it had some clever ass eco loving bumper sticker top top it.
He has a hands-on transmission, therefore therefore, over there isn"t a dipstick. If you crawl underneath it and also look at the infection (usually ~ above the passenger side), girlfriend will see a plug top top the middle to the optimal of the transmission. Unscrew it and also put your finger in it and if the fluid is on your finger, climate it"s full. If your finger comes the end dry, then add some. Many Chevrolet manual"s organize 80W-90 conventional equipment lube.
Ok, thanks. That"s kind of what ns figured, I"ll shot that tomorrow as soon as it"s light the end again. Many thanks for the kind of lube too, van didn"t come through the owner"s manual.

1994 S10 P/U 4x4 4.3 Vin W Cold waiting Intake dual Flowmaster 40 W/O Cat.& walker 2.5" Y Pipe. 2.5" Rough country Suspension elevator W/ Wild nation 31x10.5s JL Steathbox Two-tone interior Charcoal and also Gray94 S10 basic 4.3 Tbi 4WD Manual whatever 251k Miles,95" Mustang GT Sapphire Blue. 5.0L 160K Miles.97" Nissan HB- KA24E, 5Spd, 4WD, 112K Miles,-SOLD -Sold: 1994 S-10 | Std. Cab | 2.2L | 5spd. | 4:10"s
I when purposely walk a rojo 35-70mph burnout previous a prius just because it had actually some clever ass eco love bumper sticker on it.
If girlfriend don"t desire to do a stealership run to obtain synchromesh, Autozone carries a synchromesh-ish liquid made by pennzoil. I adjusted my fluid around 2.5-3 years earlier w/ the pennzoil stuff, seems to be doing alright. Think redline and royal purple likewise make alternatives, yet from what I"ve gone with I think the synchromesh is the best.

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i think the t56 (6 rate manual) in lsx cars, and the getrag hands-on trans offered in 4cyl FWD were the just manuals that provided dex.
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