This page features general hints, tips and guides for cool Theft Auto V solitary player (story mode). If you have any hints or advice of her own, feel totally free to send them in!

100% perfect Checklist

You might not understand this, yet there is a 100% perfect checklist at the Rockstar Social club that instantly shows you how far away native 100% friend are, and likewise what exceptional missions/things you"ll must do in order to get there. To access it just head come, walk to her profile page and also then uncover the "View Stats" - click it, and also then look for the "Checklist" link.

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On that page you"ll see whatever you must do in the game, and also if a mission/object/thing has actually a green line down the left next of it that method you need to finish it in stimulate to acquire 100% in the game.

You can also check the end our overview here to check out what you should do in stimulate to get 100% completion of GTA V.

All Wheel Drive car List

Thanks come picodroid we have actually the complying with list of dare in GTA V that space all wheel drive. The an initial number beside each car represents the percent of the vehicle"s strength that goes come the former wheels, the 2nd number is the power in the back wheels. Reap the list!

Adder 20 | 80Airbus 50 | 50Ambulance 50 | 50Baller 60 | 40Benson 50 | 50Bison 20 | 80BJ 60 | 40Blazer 20 | 80Bodhi 30 | 70Bus 50 | 50Cavalcade 60 | 40Crusader 60 | 40Dubsta 60 | 40Elegy 30 | 70Entity 20 | 80FBI2 60 | 40Flatbed 50 | 50FQ2 40 | 60 | 40Granger 60 | 40Gresley 60 | 40Habanero 40 | 60 | 40Infernus 20 | 80Landstalker 40 | 60 | 40Mesa 10 | 90Minivan 60 | 409F 30 | 709F (alt) 20 | 80Patriot 40 | 60 | 40Picador 40 | 60 | 40Police Old 30 | 70Pranger 60 | 40Radius 60 | 40Rancher XL 30 | 70Rebel 30 | 70Rhapsody 40 | 60 | 40Rocoto 40 | 60 | 40Sadler 20 | 80Seminole 20 | 80Serrano 60 | 40Stratum 40 | 60 | 40Sultan 40 | 60 | 40Winky 50 | 50

Aim an extremely Steeply

If for some factor you want/need to aim on a an extremely steep angle then shot walking backwards. As soon as you room walking front-ways-forwards the edge is limited. Just turn about 180 and also walk backwards and you should have a much greater angle to job-related with.

Ammu-Nation store Owner Assistance

When you have actually some Police ~ above you and are near an Ammu-Nation Store, head inside and the shop owner *might* pull out a Carbine and take out few of the cops because that you!

Armored trucks Robbery v No want Level

Armored Trucks display up on your mini-map as a blue dot and you should likewise know the you deserve to rob them. Law so will usually result in gaining a wanted Level, yet follow this guide and you"ll be able to rob any type of parked (yes it must be parked) Armored van without obtaining a wanted Level.

Get a motorbike and drive in the direction of the truck, then bump the guard who is delivering the case with your bike. You shouldn"t try and full-on ram him, the should just be sufficient of a knock so that the guard stumbles and also drops the case.

When the does, jump off the bike and also grab the instance yourself. This will reason the guards to tell you come drop it prior to they shoot you. Instead, get back on your bike and also ride off right into the sunset - v no wanted Level!

Atomic Blimp Code solve for PS3

If friend pre-ordered GTA V top top PS3 and were supposed to have actually received a password to access the atomic Blimp in-game, but are recognize you obtain the post "Invalid code or Code already Being Used" once trying to activate it, review on.

You merely need come login and redeem your code via the main Sony to chat Network website. Make sure you are logged into your PSN account first, and also then merely head here and redeem the code.

Once you"ve successfully redeemed it, walk to the playstation Store, find for the atomic Blimp DLC and download and also install it.

Avoid want Level at Airport

To avoid obtaining a want level every time you enter the airport acquisition a airplane hangar.

Benefits of Franklin"s special Driving Ability

When driving together Franklin, if friend activate his special ability (slow motion driving) and hit the brakes climate it"s possible to involved a complete stop. This great for preventing slamming into that brick wall surface at 100mph and also head-on collisions with various other cars.

Also if friend don"t want to gain air as soon as going over a jump you can do the same thing - activate Franklin"s ability.

Better Reticle

The reticle in GTA V have the right to be a little small and hard to view sometimes, monitor this quick guide though and also you have the right to improve it.

First off, the reticle is constantly smack-bang in the middle of the your screen, for this reason what you should do is hold the aim button and also then take a marker/piece that cellotape/post-it and mark where the reticle is on her screen.

Fashion the marker into every little thing you want/however you desire it come look and there you go - a bigger, much better reticle!

Just make certain you can remove that if necessary.

Big BMX bunny Hops

While riding a BMX girlfriend should hold the left thumbstick up and also then press (or hold and also press) the relevant button for your device to carry out a rabbit hop. As soon as you build up sufficient speed you deserve to start tapping the ride switch in bespeak to increase the street - you"ll be able to work the end the timing required!

Blind shooting Tip

While you are in cover, push the left analog stick upwards and the target reticule will appear. Additionally if you"re at the "edge" of some cover, push left or best as appropriate.

This will let you see where your first shot lands! Beware though, that will likewise cause your character"s head come pop out of covering a small bit, for this reason you might get hit.

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Blow up Cars Easily

Wanna understand the clues you need to shoot to reason cars to blow up?

It"s the gas tank that course, which is typically placed simply in prior of the behind wheels on the left hand side of the vehicle.

Shoot where suggested in the image below and you must be blowing increase cars left, right and center!