Have you regulated to do a perfect pizza and also now thinking about how to reduced it equally into six pieces?

If there is a team of 6 friends, nobody will take a smaller pizza size, so girlfriend must cut the slices equally. If you are trying difficult to obtain your pizza slices right, girlfriend can shot a few remedies now.

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The internet says many instruments for cut the pizza right into six same slices. The first thing the you can use is a pizza cutting guide. The is a type of a slab through pizza slices marking made top top it.

All you need to do is location your pizza ~ above it and also cut that in the appropriate direction directly above the markings. Her pizza is prepared to be cut into the slices equally.

Using a pizza protractor

The pizza protractor is another type of instrument typically found in supermarkets. Numerous professional pizza makers use it to reduced the slices equally into pieces. That is a double-sided cutter; one next of the is flat, whereas the various other is circular.

You usage it to cut in straight and also circular or curved directions. That is generally made up of stainless steel and is basic to handle. Protector works best for cut pizzas as they are circular.


Using a circular steel cutter

You usage a circular steel cutter for cutting cakes. It’s circular with level metal pieces attached come it on the inner next to type a sort of divider. Every you have to do is to location the steel cutter over the pizza and press it hard.

The circular cutter passes v the pizza dough and cuts the equally right into slices. Currently gently remove the metal cutter. However be careful while using it; you could hurt your skin, so better baking gloves for protection.


Using a knife

If you carry out not desire to purchase any instruments because that cutting or you room not a experienced pizza device and do pizza at home sometimes, friend can also cut the pizza into slices utilizing a knife.

First, place the pizza ~ above a cutting tray and also then make a straight reduced throughout the pizza’s length. Next, make two cuts throughout the size of the pizza-making a overcome or x. Through this method, her pizza is reduced equally into six slices.


Using monohedral disc

A monohedral bowl is more a mathematical tool than a kitchen tool. You usage it if you room very particular about the dimension of the pizza slices, and also you don’t desire to be unfair to someone. The is merely a round disc with six sides, and also you can rotate it to cut as plenty of slices as you want equally.

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A pizza is, after all, a pizza, and everybody loves the no issue what shape or size it is. So, don’t be worried about what size or variety of slices girlfriend have. Savor your warm pizza.