If you’ve produced a ar on Roblox the you’re unhappy with, you might want come delete the from your games. You likely haven’t discovered such an alternative on the website or in Roblox Studio – which no surprising, together there’s no way to permanently delete her place. Removing it from your Roblox video game isn’t impossible, though – there are several approaches that can help you settle the issue.

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Once the layout opens, click “File” at the optimal of her screen.
In the pop-up window, choose your existing Roblox location you’d like to replace.Once the template opens, click “File” in ~ the optimal of her screen.In the pop-up window, select your present Roblox ar you’d prefer to replace.

Option 2: Archive her Roblox Game

Permanently deleting your Roblox game isn’t possible. However, you have the right to archive her game, so the no one can access it until you remove it from the archive. Here’s just how to execute that:

Launch Roblox Studio and sign in v your Roblox account. Girlfriend don’t require a valid Builder’s club membership to archive a game.Navigate one of two people to the “My Games” or come the “Group Games” tab.Find the game you great to archive and click the three-dot icon next come it.

To eliminate your Roblox video game from the archive, follow the procedures below:

Sign in to Roblox Studio.From the main menu, navigate to “Archive.”
From the dropdown menu, choose “Restore.” The video game should instantly show up in her Game explorer again.Open the “My Creations” tab and also select “Games” indigenous the left sidebar.Under the “Privacy” section, select “Private.”

How to Delete a Roblox game From recently Played?

There are only six slots for your newly played games on Roblox. Thus, it might be helpful to remove some gamings from the list to save an are for the persons you choose more. Unfortunately, there’s no means to edit your recently played games list. The only method to remove a video game from your recently played is to launch a various game. This will relocate the first one a slot lower, so repeat till it disappears native the list.

Frequently asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions regarded custom games and places ~ above Roblox.

Can ns Revert come Older version of Places?

If you’ve added a brand-new place come Roblox yet aren’t happy with it, you have the right to revert it come an larger version, together Roblox saves copies of all her places. To execute that, follow the indict below:

1. Sign in come Roblox.

2. From the key menu, navigate to the “Create” tab.

3. Open the “My Creations” tab and also select “Places.”

4. Find a ar you wish to revert to an larger version, climate click the equipment icon alongside it.

5. From the dropdown menu, select “Configure start Place.”

6. Select “Version History,” then click the place version you want to do current.

7. Select “Revert to this version.”

What Is a Difference in between a Roblox Game and a Place?

A Roblox game is composed of countless ‘’places’’ – they need to be regarded as levels quite than just an area on the map. The term “place” in Roblox contains not only various eco-friendly elements, but likewise scripts, user experience, and also other video game mechanics. Places are stored separate from games, and one place deserve to be used for several different games. Each game should have actually a specific starting location or the first level. Games, on the other hand, space the final result of different places combined.

Change, don’t Delete

Although you can’t delete her Roblox locations permanently, there are much better ways to go around it, which enable you to regulate game levels without losing every one of your work. Roblox save doesn’t take up any an are on her PC, therefore there’s no reason that you can not store different versions of her places also if they aren’t perfect. Mental that before uploading a brand-new place to Roblox, you deserve to test it the end in Roblox Studio to spot any kind of issues beforehand.

Would you choose to have the ability to delete your Roblox places and also games permanently? execute you think storing all of your Roblox creations makes sense? Share her thoughts in the comments ar below.


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