Have you stored tons of photos on your iPod? Want to delete them together? So you can’t do it using iTunes or iPod directly. Using iTunes or iPod you can delete photos one by one only. Its not possible to delete photos from iPod together. To delete photos form iPod together you need to go for third party software like centregalilee.com centregalilee.com for mac or centregalilee.com centregalilee.com for windows which enables you to delete photos quickly and easily. There is no mean that how many photos you have on your iPod you can easily delete all those photos together in just one click.

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Part 1. Best Way to Delete Photos from iPod

centregalilee.com centregalilee.com is available for windows and mac users to maintain their idevices libraries easily. centregalilee.com enables iPod users to delete photos from iPod together without selecting and deleting photos one by one. So there is no problem in deleting photos from iPod. Even iPod users can add photos to their iPod as well in bunch or selecting one by one. centregalilee.com supports all ios devices, so every type of ios device you can connect centregalilee.com such as iPod, iPhone or iPad as well. Users can easily manage media and other files on their ios devices.

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Key features

centregalilee.com enables you to delete photos from iPod easily and delete photos from iPad, iPhone as well.centregalilee.com enables you to connect any ios device and manage its library.centregalilee.com supports all android devices also without any hassle. You can manage android device files also by also.centregalilee.com enables android users to root their devices easilycentregalilee.com can help you to manage your iTunes library easily without using iTunescentregalilee.com helps you to rebuild iTunes library in just one click after system crash.centregalilee.com enables you to connect all ios devices so you can easily manage media files on all devices.Users can explore available files of their devices by using centregalilee.com.Add or delete videos on your ios devices using centregalilee.comcentregalilee.com is fully compatible with iOS 11

How to delete photos from iPod

Step 1 Download and install centregalilee.com on your computer or mac to delete photos from iPod. Launch it now to see user interface. Connect you apple iPod now to see files on your device. centregalilee.com will detects your iPod and show you like the below picture. You can see free available space on your iPod.


Step 2 Now click on photos option to see available photos on your device. Photos option is available on the top of the interface. After watching photos, select the photos which you need to delete.


Step 3 It will ask your confirmation to delete photos from iPod. Click on Yes button here. Now centregalilee.com will automatically delete all photos from your iPod.


Part 2. Delete Photos from iPod with Syncing an Empty Folder

Users can delete their photos of iPod using iTunes as well. You need to do some settings to delete photos from iPod using this method. This method is known to sync your iPod with empty folder then you can delete photos. It means when you sync your iPod with an empty folder then files of your iPod will be synced with black folder. we know we are syncing with empty folder so iTunes will automatically sync your iPod photos with blank folder and then your device pictures will also blank. You can do it by following these below steps.

Step 1 First of all, you need to install latest version of iTunes from apple website. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your computer, then you can go for deleting photos from iPod easily. Launch iTunes on your computer now. Connect you iPod using iPod USB cable. You can see your connected iPod as iPod symbol in the left side of the iTunes interface or in the devices tab at left side.


Step 2 Click on your iPod to go on summary section of iPod. When you click on small iPod shape summary section then it will automatically redirect to summary section.


Step 3 Now you need to click on photos option which is available at the left side of the user interface of your iPod summary. Here go to Sync Photos from option and click on box in from of this option. One popup menu will appear here. Select Choose "Folder" option here.


Step 4 One popup windows will open now to browse folder. Here you need to create a new blank folder. To create new blank folder, right click on the blank space and move cursor to New and then Select Folder.


Step 5 Once you clicked on new option, it will create new folder for you. Now click on "Select Folder" option like the below picture.


Step 6 Now you need to apply for the action. Scroll down here and click on Apply button. Now your iPod photos will be replaced with this blank folder without any problem. All photos of your iPod will be deleted now after replacing content of your iPod with this blank folder. Once sync is complete you can see black photo library on your iPod.

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Above are two way of deleting photos from iPod easily but the first way is great if you want to delete photos from iPod easily. Second way is not easy it takes time and you need to do some setting in your iTunes which can affect your media files also if you do any wrong step. First way allows you to delete photos easily from iPod because there you need to do only few clicks rest depend on centregalilee.com centregalilee.com. centregalilee.com centregalilee.com can help you to manage your other ios and android devices as well without any problem whereas in the second way you can delete photos from iPod only.