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Yucca plants produce sword-like leaves v tall bloom spikes and they are aboriginal to desert climates yet they have centregalilee.comme to be quite popular for landscaping in gardens about the UK.

If you have a yucca tree outside and also it’s get an impression too huge for its room there is a good way that you can reduced it ago while still keeping the architectural effect for i m sorry they room well known and getting the added benefit or additionally propagating brand-new plants together well.

Propagating through removing brand-new rhizomes native the main stem

Most yuccas room drought resistant and also they’re fairly simple centregalilee.comme maintain. They grow by sending out rhizomes the end of the key stock. From this rhizomes, friend can obtain new, baby plants i m sorry is why it’s spread so effectively.

One way to propagate your Yucca is centregalilee.comme simply cut the rhizomes that have actually a infant plant ~ above them far from the main root. Separating yuccas to regulate the spread of their growth uses the exact same principle. Every you do is thin out the tree by dividing the brand-new rhizomes. If friend don’t perform this the plant will begin to crowd itself and also have too plenty of clumps that space too nearby together.

Dividing her Yucca


If you view that her yucca is too huge for its an are and as well crowded, you might be able to divide that without actually digging the plant the end of the ground. Those rhizomes with the smaller sized baby plants might be clearly shows at the basic of the plant. The ribosomes look like twisted secret branches yet you don’t need to be incredibly gentle through them. You can use a strong knife or a shovel centregalilee.comme break turn off the rhizomes indigenous the key plant. They deserve to be a little an overwhelming to rest apart so you have to use a lot of force. Remainder assured it’s very unlikely that you will damages the plant.

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Propagating indigenous division

If you are going to divide your Yucca because that propagation make sure you do it in ~ the finish of fall or the start of winter once the plant is in its dormant stage. If you are propagating through the departments be a tiny bit more careful once separating them and try to make a single, sharp cut all the means through.

Before planting these brand-new rhizomes with baby plants, put them somewhere centregalilee.comol so the they have the right to dry turn off for a few days. Once you are all set to plant them in other places in your garden, placed them in sandy, well-draining soil and bury the rhizome up to the base of the foliage. As soon as it is in its brand-new home, water it well for at least three months until such time together it is established.


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