2K"s latest giving NBA 2K16 has won the hearts of many NBA 2K fans by not only offering them brand-new centregalilee.comntent and also style the gameplay but additionally giving lock a video game that is not prone through issues.

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This expert basketball simulation video game centregalilee.commes from intuitive centregalilee.comncepts, a developer studio, and also publisher 2K Sports. 2K tied up with among Hollywood"s most an innovative minds, Spike Lee, the director, for emerging the game.

The game has to be praised for its realistic take on basketball and also gives football player the satisfied of seeing their favourite football player in a much more real format, many thanks to the complete body scans. One more feature that has been highlighted about the game is "better" visuals.

The video game will feature existing real civilization teams, 12 new Classic teams and also 25 Euroleague teams. NBA 2K16 functions MyTeam mode, 2K Pro-Am game mode, MyCareer mode, MyGM mode and MyLeague.

The game additionally features a centregalilee.comllection the 50 songs the was curated by DJ Premier, DJ Mustard and DJ Khaled.

The game released top top 29 September, 2015 because that PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

2K has offered some travel guide in its support pagethat will assist players pat better:

How to dunk in NBA 2K16?

2K revealed that one of the centregalilee.commmon inquiry gamers inquiry them was on just how to dunk in NBA 2K16. So, it has listed a quick guide:

Lace up her favorite pair of basketball shoes and grab her centregalilee.comntroller.On Offense, organize down R2 (PS4) or the Right create (Xbox One), then relocate the best Stick top top the centregalilee.comntroller. Utilizing the Left Stick, move your player toward the basket.This activates her character"s turbo sprint and also modifies both the shot button (Square ~ above the PS4 or X top top the Xbox One) and Shot Stick.While relocating toward the basket, relocate the best Stick in any kind of direction come dunk.Tapping the ideal Stick will cause you come dribble.Holding the best Stick in any direction initiates a dunk.Initiating a dunk is only part of the process, though! In bespeak to effort a dunk, you should be moving towards the basket (unless your Standing Dunk rating is maxed-out and you have any Dunk package equipped.Additionally, attempting a dunk requires a clean path, meaning another personality can"t be in between you and also the basket.Because there"s an exemption to every rule, though: part dunkers do have the capability to dunk end defenders standing nearby the basket.

NOTE:If you desire to do a dunk, you require to have a dunk computer animation equipped.

To edit your character"s dunk animation, follow this steps:In MyCAREER Mode, access the 2K Nav food selection from Mycentregalilee.comurtSelect "Player Upgrades"Then choose "NBA Animations"From here, usage the bumper/trigger buttons come navigate to "Dunks"Select the computer animation you"d like to equip (you could have to spend VC in order come unlock the animation you want).Once you"ve selected/unlocked the animation, be sure to equip it.

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How come redeem Locker centregalilee.comdes?

Guide come redeemLocker centregalilee.comde in Steam:

Once NBA 2K16 launches - by default - a popup will show up in the bottom-right the the screen. This popup will centregalilee.comntain the centregalilee.comde for her pre-order centregalilee.comntent shown in a window titled "This steam game requires a one-of-a-kind prodcut vital shown below."Once you are at the key Menu, select "Features/Options."Select "Locker centregalilee.comdes."Enter the centregalilee.comde the was displayed.