We’ve detailed all the simple and progressed controls for NBA Live 19, to aid get you acquainted through the game….NBA Live 19 progressed Offensive Controls.

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Action PS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
DunkHold R2 + ■ close to basketHold RT + X near basket

Who is the best dunker in NBA Live Mobile?

It must come as a surprised to no one that Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin is the top dunker.

How do you dunk in NBA Live 10?

Layups are performed simply by relocating towards the basket and also pressing the shoot button. If the user stop turbo will doing this, a player will certainly attempt a dunk.

Who is the ideal dunker in NBA Live 19?

Aaron Gordon (OVR 82) click to enlarge.

Blake Griffin (OVR 86) click to enlarge. Giannis Antetokounmpo (OVR 93) click come enlarge. LeBron James (OVR 97) click to enlarge. Donovan Mitchell (OVR 86) click to enlarge. Anthony Davis (OVR 94) click to enlarge. Russell Westbrook (OVR 93) click come enlarge. Javale McGee (OVR 78)

Does NBA Live 19 have Dunk Contest?

EA Sports has actually now exit a huge new update because that NBA Live 19 today.

How carry out you dunk in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 Dunk Buttons

Two-Hand Dunk. To carry out a straightforward two-hand dunk you organize down R2 on playstations or RT top top Xbox while pressing the shot button of her choice. Flashy Dunk. To do a Flashy Dunk, you organize R2 on playstations or RT top top Xbox while pushing in the right stick. Leading or Off-Hand Dunk.

How perform you dunk on 2K21 Iphone?

While relocating toward the basket, relocate the appropriate Stick in any direction to dunk.

Tapping the best Stick will cause you come dribble.Holding the best Stick in any type of direction initiates a dunk.

How perform you dunk in NBA?

NBA 2K20 Guide: how to Dunk

Two-Hand Dunk: R2/RT + move and also hold up the appropriate thumbstick when driving.Flashy Dunk: R2/RT + move and also hold under the ideal thumbstick while driving.Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk: R2/RT + move and also hold the ideal thumbstick left or right (the direction determines your dunking hand).

How do you dunk in NBA Live 18?

While moving toward the basket, press and also hold the Shot switch or move and hold the ideal Stick in any type of direction come dunk. Holding the ideal Stick toward the basket will give you a 2-hand dunk. Left or ideal will give you a left or best handed dunk.

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How execute you fake shoot in NBA Live?

Pump-faking have the right to be excellent by tapping the shoot switch without stop it under for any type of length of time. If friend pump-fake before dribbling, you room then able to move approximately after the pump-fake, however if friend pump-fake after ~ you’ve currently been dribbling, you’ll no longer be able to move together the game won’t let you travel.

Who has the finest contact dunk in 2k19?

Top standing Dunk players

NameOVRStanding Dunk Rating
Blake Griffin8698
DeAndre Jordan8697
Andre Drummond8797
DeMarcus Cousins9097

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