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Hi everyone ns am brand-new to the 300C world, in reality bought it Sunday and still have actually not even gotten to take it it home. On the Test drive the ESP/BAS irradiate lit up together with the blinking lighting bolt which ns guess needs to do v the throttle? fine the Ford dealer whereby I to buy the auto used from might not number it out so they sent it to the local Chrysler dealer. After 2 days the diagnostics they tell me they think they established the problem and are replacing the full throttle body on my 05 300C?? does this sound correct? What would certainly that need to do with the ESP and BAS systems? Grr now the wait starts because that the part that is not also going to be below till Friday...:wow:

The ESP/BAS light faces traction control and the brake assist system. Seems weird come me that they are replacing the accelerator body uneven it\"s somehow tied to accelerator position. Mine ESP/BAS light only comes on as soon as I have actually ESP on and \"inadvertantly\" lose traction.

The throttle body doesn\"t have actually anything to carry out with the ESP/BAS light. It comes on when you have actually traction issues.Mine popped on as soon as for no reason. I pulled Fuse 11, replaced and also the problem went away.
Yea ns did see that thread about fuse #11 throughout my search. Yet the dealer re-created it once they to be looking in ~ the general practitioners system so ns figured hey warranty let them attend to it however if that comes ago I will shot that fuse #11. However hey ns guess a brand-new throttle body never ever hurt anyone hehe.

I am having the same problem. The ESP/BAS light come on with the blinking light bolt top top the left side of the dash. Once this happens the car begins come run really roughly and has very VERY poor acceleration. I haven\"t taken the to obtain fixed because turning the car off and back on will clear it. I am likewise having a recurring EGR valve problem even v a brand-new MOPAR EGR valve installed. I don\"t recognize if it\"s the throttle body, but it\"s a an ext serious difficulty than traction control.
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I am having the exact same problem. The ESP/BAS light come on through the blinking bright bolt top top the left next of the dash. When this wake up the auto begins come run an extremely roughly and has very VERY poor acceleration. I haven\"t taken that to gain fixed because turning the automobile off and back on will certainly clear it. I am additionally having a recurring EGR valve trouble even with a new MOPAR EGR valve installed. Ns don\"t know if it\"s the accelerator body, however it\"s a much more serious problem than traction control.
Just one update, I got my car earlier Tuesday night v the brand-new throttle body. Ns am not convinced it completely solved the problem as i just have not started/driven it enough since. I execute know yet that before I take it it in, I had the concern happen 3 times in two days. Ns would shot the fuse #11 thing an initial if you room out of warranty or simply take the puppy in.. I got lucky my vehicle is out of warranty but the dealer ns bought that from provided me a 60day 3k bumper come bumper warranty. Great luck on her resolution!

Well seeing I had actually to journey 200 + miles as result of a fiasco with tuning in ~ Arrington engines ( a whole nother story and a heated object on the LX forums) once my ESP/BAS light came on. Those of us that drive hard can reason these type issues which will illuminate the NO ESP/BAS normally when the is off the indicator will show ESP system is disabled. 1. It can be led to by faulty speed sensor 2. A Faulty Ring tone on shafts 3. Corrupt track 4. Flashed PCMThe settle for me to be my dealer had actually to speed my PCM and TCM and ABS module. Which then supposed my dealer had to take my Diablo and put the backup tune into it. Again I had no problems giving my diablo to mine dealer as he is \"MOD friendly\"
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Thanks for the post interesting how plenty of different potential difficulties can reason these exact same symptoms. I have actually been driving my auto straight because that over a mainly after acquiring it earlier and have not checked out the concern at all.

My esp irradiate is on and also the tranny won\"t change out that 1st! as soon as I go from park to drive it is hits really difficult as well. The car runs fine it simply wont shift. I obtained an error password that claimed \"lost link with the TCM.\"So, wherein is the TCM and where go it affix to the tranny. Any kind of pics would really help!Thanks
\"05 300 Touring V6 3.5L, excellent Black, an initial Mod OEM Chrome Mirrors/Handles, second Mod 22\" DBL G \"The 105\" covering in Falken STZ04\"s
Roger that still come this day have actually not viewed the ESP/BAS irradiate or throttle light. What ever before they did if that truly to be the throttle body has actually fixed the issue.

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that\"s what happened to me when i perfect cleaning the trottle body v trottle body cleaner.could it it is in a sensor?
that\"s what taken place to me as soon as i perfect cleaning the trottle body v trottle human body cleaner.could it it is in a sensor?
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The ESP/BAS RESET IS through YOUR STERRING WHELL..1.- move THE vital ON (ON POSITION)2.-MAKE sure YOUR certification WHELL IS CENTER)3.-START THE ENGIEN THEN walk ALL THE way TO her LEFT.4.- all THE method TO her RIGHT.5..- AND ago TO THE CENTERTURN off THE key AND YOU room SET..IF ANYTHING just GO TO her CAR\"S OWNERS manual FOR dad INFO....I HOPE that HELPS....
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