If you space using VisualBoyAdvance emulator to play your favorite game Boy advance Pokemon, you could encounter this strange error saying, “The internal battery has run dry. The video game can be played; However, clock-based occasions will no longer occur“.

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This problem is frustrating; you’re an extremely excited come play your favorite GBA game or Pokemon ROM hack, and also all you got is this error, however don’t obtain discouraged due to the fact that there’s a fast fix because that this.Why and How this error happen?This error commonly occurs once you fill a Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald game. I have actually no idea why that happens, however I believe it is a programming password related worries or everything tech related thing.

This inner battery run dry error can also happen with Pokemon Emerald or Ruby based ROM hacks. However, that won’t impact your game’s save file or the whole game play itself in any means so no must panic.

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How to Fix interior Battery operation Dry Error top top VBA

Surprisingly, the settle is simple; you need a couple of lines of password to fix the problem. Here are the steps;

Step 1: Head over to your Visual Boy development download folder

Step 2: best click and also create a new text document and surname it to vba-over and save the file.

Step 3: click the newly created text document, uncover the appropriate code for her game, and paste that in the file.for EmeraldrtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072

For RubyrtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072



For SapphirertcEnabled=1flashSize=131072The image over shows the password for addressing run dry error because that Pokemon emerald or any type of Pokemon emerald based rom hacks.Step 4: Click record -> conserve As.. And also name the vba-over.ini and finally fight save.


Step 5: Delete the record vba-over.txt together you no longer need the (not the vba-over.ini) and load the game once again.

Alternative Solution

This solution may or might not occupational for you yet give this a try;Step 1: open up Visual Boy advance emulator

Step 2: go to “Options”.

Step 3: pick “Emulator”.

Step 4: Finally, click on “Real Time Clock”.

The inner battery has actually run dry error must now be addressed this time and will no longer appear as friend loaded your game.

Does any of the solution over fixed your problem? let me recognize which systems works for you.

If the error tho occurs and also seems nothing happen after act the actions above. Feel complimentary to leave your comments listed below and allow me to help you solve your problem.


hello, i tried the two methods you suggested to gain my emerald pokemon video game to occupational (i have actually the french version) yet neither of castle worked, have the right to you assist me?

hello there, how about with various other rom versions have actually you gained a chance to test it? There’s likewise an tantamount GBA emulator called mGBA and also this works for plenty of if VBA doesn’t job-related for you.

can you offer a password for fire red rom hacks too.Because that the game red chapter its still require real time clock to trigger some events.

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hey ns tried this however it just keeps looping back to the start display whenever ns hit brand-new game, any kind of ideas?

I had actually to rotate on ‘real time clock’ and also use her .ini file. Say thanks to you! The berries ns planted never ever germinated, and it was noticeable that the battery/clock problem was the reason. I turned ~ above the real time clock, and when ns reloaded the game the following day, the planted berries were all gone. I tried replanting… failed. Reloading and retrying an older conserved game… failed. So i tried her .ini file. I did not do an exhaustive test, however the first couple variations additionally failed. I lastly had success as soon as I turn on genuine time clock, provided your .ini…Read much more »

can you assist me number out just how to fix it because that Pokemon platinum light? the doesn’t seems to be digital anywhere.

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