I"ve tried reproduction mud and air and some various other stuff however it doesn"t work. I need proof, by the way - only answer if you acquired one or have actually a friend that has one.

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You have the right to breed a Sandstorm Dragon by mixing Air and Earth. Since Air and Earth room opposites, you must use at least one hybrid. So you can mix wait + Mud, waiting + Moss, earth + Willow, etc. Note that together with any kind of hybrid dragon breeding, you have to be mindful of bag which can develop unintended long incubate offspring. In this instance as BenBrocka clues out planet + Sonic have the right to be a very bad pairing as it can create the 24 hour incubating Crystal.

It has a two hour incubation period, therefore if you watch something different than the you walk not gain it, but because other dragons you might breed additionally have two hour incubation, you have to wait to see the egg to be sure. From the wiki, the egg looks choose this:





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