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This is Leo after the walked for just a second into a spot of burdock. The burs didn’t simply stick to his hair, castle burrowed appropriate in his face, chest and ears. I picked off as many as I might right away. Prior to I did, his ear were stuck to the optimal of his head.

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Having a poodle, I deserve to easily believe the commercial with the man saying he came up through the idea because that velcro thanks to his sheepdog who favored to run v the woods.

If you obtain a Poodle, get used to dealing with burs and also plant life of every kinds embedded in his or her hair. Also Charlie, a terrier with long silky hair, attracts burs prefer a magnet. However they’re a bit much easier to brush out due to the fact that his hair is less thick than Poodle hair.

Burdock Removal

Best guideline for managing your fine-haired dog: maintain a groomer as your new best friend so friend can speak to them when you have actually a grooming emergency. Last night, trying to gain the mess out of Leo’s ears and head, i fervently wished mine nieces who are groomers in Red Deer lived nearer me.

But i persevered with brush and also scissors and also finally Leo returned to normal appearance, albeit with much shorter ears. He had actually a heat of burs steady wound approximately the bottom of one ear. There to be no choice but to very closely cut off burs and also hair. Climate I had actually to trim the various other ear so it matched.

I discover a little slicker brush the best. But even the can’t gain into full burs knotted into hair.* I closely cut right into the centre of those with blunt-nosed scissors. Cut with the hair, not across it. That opens up up the bur so that will more easily brush out but avoids cut lines. Usage a comb to take it the gathered bur bits and also hair the end of the brush. V a poodle, when many of the burs space out, brush backwards to obtain the tiny bits out and fluff the hair up.

I have been told infant oil top top the bur softens it and makes it basic to brush out. Ns tried it v my German Shepherd and found the no simpler and just do his hair and my hand greasy.

After Burdock

Even after the burs room gone, i brush and brush to acquire every trace out. If ns don’t, and if lock can, the dogs will certainly lick at the irritating bit trying come

get rid the it. In act that, they can lick ideal down come the skin and cause hot spots of inflamed skin. Yellow Bond medicated flour is a godsend, especially for Leo. His pouffy hair makes it daunting to placed ointment straight on the skin. The flour goes with the hair to the skin and dries that up. He doesn’t favor the taste so no lick the a lot. Their groomer at Pampered Pooch in St. Cutting board told me to try it when Leo had a really negative spot that us feared would need veterinary attention. Within a week, it to be better.

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Best device Ever

*Since I an initial posted this (Jan. 7/12 St. Thomas Dog Blog), I’ve

found the ideal tool ever. A hair rake because that double-coated dogs division up a burdock and pulls it out the dogs’ hair and horses’ manes and also tails easily.