How you can get any event Pokemon (Gen 1-2) Now, even once the events have expired! (No hacking or 3rd party devices either)

Mythical pokemon are the most illusive pokemon of all, only being available during event giveaways. Or are they?

A number of them are actually available at any time, with some work of course. If your looking to create a living dex in any gen 3 or 4 game, then your going to need this list. Every mythical pokemon available without events (Excluding hacking and distribution cartridges) Include:

Gen 1

Mew: While you might first think of then gen 1 glitch, that won't work here. You can't transfer pokemon from games prior to gen 3 up past gen 2. Three methods exist for Mew, surprisingly.

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The first would be to put 1000 pokemon from either Diamond or Pearl, or Platinum if your lucky enough to live in Japan, into My Pokemon Ranch. While Wii internet is down, you can still download this WiiWare through the Wii Shop Channel, which is still up.

If you don't have a Wii, or prefer this option, you can also transfer a glitch Mew from Red and Blue or yellow on the virtual console for 3DS. It's a bit to much to explain here, so if you want to do this for Red or Blue check out this post. If you have yellow then use this instead.

As for the third method, It works with all Pokemon up to gen 3. Check out the "Glitzer Popping" section.

Gen 2

Celebi: Celebi is one of the harder Pokemon on this list. You might want to Glitzer Pop this one.

The main method for getting a Celebi onto your pokemon Ruby or Sapphire would be through the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc. To do this you need to buy the Japanese disc, a Japanese copy of Coloseeum, and any Japanese gen 3 game. If you don't have either, then note that a Gamecube, or a Wii with a Gamecube memory card, as well as GBA-Gamecube cable.

Even with all of this, you still need to progress to the point that you have purified every shadow pokemon in the Colosseum play file. Make sure it's saved to the Memory Card. Then you will need to have the Japanese gen 3 game progressed to where you have beaten the Elite Four.

Finaly, you can now link your GBA up to your Gamecube and get the Celebi. Not that it makes it worth it anymore, but you can get a Pikachu as well.

The great part, is that this can be done 48 times! You do have to reset the save file on the Japanese gen 3 game and get back past the elite four, but none of the other work is required.

Gen 3

>If Your Going to do any Pokemon from Gen 3 or Prior, and you have a copy of Pokemon Emerald, You might want to check out Glitzer Popping first.

Jirachi: Jirachi also requires a bonus disc, but this process is far easier, and you can use your American games. However, only Ruby and Sapphire will connect. No Colosseum required. Just put it in your Gamecube or Wii, connect the GBA-Gamecube cable, and transfer the Pokemon. Note that if you transfer this Jirachi to HGSS then you will unlock "Nights Edge", and event route on the Pokewalker, if you have one of those.

Deoxys: Deoxys is easily obtainable in the post game of ORAS, as you probably already know. But for any game before that, your going to have to Glitzer Pop one from Emerald and transfer it up.

Gen 4

Manaphy: Manaphy is the first of Gen 4, and has one method, which is rather well known. It requires Pokemon Ranger.

The hard part of this one is finding a copy that has NEVER been used to do this before. A hard reset of the game doesn't help. You might have to buy a new one of Ebay if you can't find one you can confirm hasn't been used for this.

Once you have the game, complete it. Finish the main story. Once you've done that, you can play post-game missions. Enter the code for the "Rescue the Precious Egg" Mission from here. It's different depending on your Country.

Complete that, and all you have to do is find a spare DS or 3DS to transfer the Manaphy to your Diamond or Pearl.

Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus: These three all had in game events. While normally you need outside event items to access them, through a gen 4 glitch known as tweaking, it's possible to do it without the items.

Note that this can only be done in Diamond and Pearl. Not Platinum. Also note that Shaymin and Darkrai will not transfer into Pokebank, as their events were never realeased for DP, and are seen as illegitimate as such. Arceus on the other hand, is possible. Level it up from lv80 to lv100, teach it Perish song over Refresh, and Judgement over Hyper Beam. Afterwards it should be given a pass by Pokebank.

This is a link to a guide for getting to Shaymin. Please note that this Shaymin will not allow you to get the Gracidea Flower, as none of these pokemon have the fateful encounter flag, and like the Deoxys from ORAS do not technically count as event pokemon. DP never actually got these events, so it wasn't supposed to be a problem.

Here's the one for Darkrai. This is the new method which works for all languages. I haven't used it, so if you want to use the original, it should work for most people.

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And here's the one for Arceus. This one was only recently discovered, which is kind of cool, as tweaking has been known of since not long after the DP's release.


Glitch City Laboratories discovered two of these Mew VR transfer glitch: Arceus in the void:

Zorch is the original Discoverer of tweaking, and the Hall of Origins are who you can credit for the Darkrai and Shaymin:

Lastly, Werster can be credited for Glitzer Popping. He's also a famed speed runner, if you haven't heard of him: