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Includes potions, what lock do, tips because that food (if girlfriend don’t desire to hack or use glitches), and helpful tidbits.

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In the Beginning

When you first start the game, traction the kids over to the robe first. If among them becomes chief, it will certainly make initial gameplay a lot of easier. If the doesn’t work, avoid having your builders end up being chief. You need them and making a master, or also adept, builder bring away forever.Make your two building contractors start building the hut. If you have actually a leader, have them oversee the construction. Have someone plant the fruit on the far right the the screen right beside a broken machine. Then have one of her adults get firewood (pile that wood near the optimal of the beachline) and dry grass by the waterfall top top the much left of the map. Then have that adult start the fire (throw lock on the firepit until they start it). Then,put a villager ~ above the scorched out torches next to the beehive until they shot an idea.Somewhere, someone claimed that if a villager who liked to operation smoked the bees, the would acquire you countless honey, i tried the out. Didn’t work.If one adult is your leader and it is not a builder:Have the adult that is no a builder and not with son harvest honey. As soon as there is about 250 food, have actually them study until the food drops to around 150 and also then have them harvest some more honey. As soon as they become an adept farmer, move them out with among the builders. The reason why is that there demands to be 3 adept home builders to fix the lift and you require 3 adept farmers to perform a rain run so that you can get the seed on your very own terms (and some much more food when your town is starving).If a son or a builder is your leader:Have someone building, the leader directing and also then who harvesting food and also someone researching. Shot to save honey in the behive at all times if it is possible. I think the regenerates quicker if over there is honey. When I leaving it alone, an ext honey will show up but in very low quantites prefer 2 or 3 honey yet if that is drained that takes a really long time before you can harvest anything. I am still playing about with the times yet the preliminary researches make it seem as though the beehive will certainly regenerate faster if over there is currently honey in the to start with.

My human being are Starving

Have no food and also the beehive and also tree are empty? Don’t worry….too much. Just be prepared to spend rather a few hours ~ above this video game ensuring your people won’t die.AT THIS allude IN TIME, should YOU not BE playing THE video game FOR much more THAN 10 MINUTES, pause IT OR her VILLAGERS will BE an ext LIKELY to DIE!Ask yorself the following questions:Do you have a villager that is under the period of 14 but is not nursing?If friend answered no, ns am for this reason sorry however there isn’t much you can do. Have your leader create food by putting them ~ above the storage hut. If girlfriend have currently done that in the past 24 hours then number out how much waiting you have actually to obtain through. On quick mode, it takes 1 hour and also 30 minutes for a tree come bear fruit again and also roughly 2 hours for the beehive to get less 보다 20 honey v the nature faction selected. If one adult isn’t currently with a kid, you space going to have a hard time gettin among them preganant due to the fact that they won’t produce a son if they room hungry. The most you have the right to do is pray a box appears or you manage to endure planting another tree or developing enough technology points to acquire the 6th herb to do the potion to reason sharks to go away. If you manage to acquire your hand on a kid, then great for you. You could make that out with a tribe.If you have actually a kid, search for mushrooms prefer there is no tomorrow. The brown persons will give you 6 food, the red ones will offer you 36 food.Is the lift built?If not, you require to acquire level 2 in reconstruction in Tech and also have 3 adept builders. Have everyone who is not working towards ending up being an adept builder job-related towards researching and have the kids additionally pick up any type of collectibles though the mushrooms will constantly take priority end the collectable. Extra collectables provide tech points and you need 7000 to get to level 2 the reconstruciton. As soon as you have actually 3 adept builders and have level 2 reconstruction, placed the 3 home builders on the lift. Bam, friend now have a lift.Can you do it rain?To do it rain, you require level 2 in management (which is 700o technology points) and also 3 apedpt farmers. Put the leader top top the fire and also then the 3 farmers and they will certainly dance a weather dance. Now, wait for the water in the lift to evaporate. Then put an adult top top the lift and make the rain. Plant the fruit and keep act this for this reason you have actually 3 trees. Then, the fruit knocked under will give you food. Not lot though, however it will help on top of the mushroom harvesting excellent by the kids.If friend don’t have actually the means to develop the problems for it to rain (aka, friend don’t have 3 adept farmers), climate you will just need to be fast on the ball once it rains normally in the game. As quickly as the starts raining, drag an adult come the lift therefore they will climb on. Then either tree the food over there or have them take it earlier to the hut.Done all of that?Now girlfriend wait and work top top making her villagers make it through until an ext food appears. Save an eye on their health bars. There is a medicine to heal wellness that I have actually found yet it doesn’t work if the villagers room starving. So as soon as a mushroom appears, if the son is acquisition it to storage, take it the villager that is the worst off health-wise and have lock eat 2-3 piece of food. Then have actually them take the potion to restore health. The potion is cactus+cactus+lotus. Anyone can collect herbs and I would imply using a kid as they will certainly run the herbs come the alchemy room. Use the person with the most wellness to always make the potions incase lock explode. That can take place sometimes.But I have 3 trees currently mature and also my human being are quiet starving.Well, girlfriend might’ve make a bit too much population for the amount of food girlfriend had available if something dreadful didn’t happen in-game. What you have to do is work extremely hard to get enough tech points for level 2 of whichever faction you picked so that you can obtain the 6th herb. The herb will enable you to make the potion to force sharks away so you have the right to fish. Currently I haven’t tested any type of of this out yet however for the nature faction the potion for sharks is supposed to be herb+black orchid+black orchid. Because that the magic faction, that berry+rose+rose. Take it every villager come the medicine to rate up the process of gaining rid that the sharks. After that you should have the ability to fish.


POTIONS that DON’T require A FACTIONPotions with amazing effectsblack orchid+catcus+lotus => This reasons the villagers come run as soon as doing something. I discovered using it helped speed up tasks and also helped me have a villager master something prior to they turn 18. It also helps if you need someone to end up being a understand or adept in ~ something quicker or if you require tech clues faster.cactus+lotus+rose => This causes the villager to feel light and springy. That will permit them to jump up very high. Usage it to get the pink an essential in the cliff ~ above the appropriate side the the map close to the orchird.Potions that harmPotions the healcatcus+catcus+lotus => This will heal a villager’s health if they are well fed. Ns am at this time not sure about the maximum effect yet together I do the efforts it out while my village was starving (hence, just how I identified it doesn’t assist heal if there is no food in the villager) yet as quickly as I number it out, i will article it.

How to finish the puzzles

LeaderPut vilagers beside the robe in the amplitheater till the robe fits one of them. Then, you have a leader.BeehiveBuild a fire by placing a villager on the pile of wood on the coast line and also another villager on the pile of dry grass top top the really far left the the map near the water fall. As soon as they have put the item on the firepit, placed a villager top top the fire pit to begin a fire. Then, alongside the beehive space some charred out torches, placed a villager on the torches until they room “Trying an idea….” then wait patiently till the bees room smoked out.Alchemy RoomGet an adept scientist and also then placed them beside the various pots and items roughly the town so they carry it back and settle the chamber. Over there is a brown pot, a red stripe pot, a yello striped pot, a morter, and also a pole thing. All of them need to be carried earlier by one adept scientist or far better to deal with the room.Roster the the DeadOn the best of the map close to the bottom, there are a bunch of leaves on a stone. Gain villagers to clean the leaves. The rock is the roster.Weather DanceYou require level 2 in management on the technology screen and also at the very least 3 adept farmers. Placed the leader on the fire and also then the 3 adept farmer on together well. They will dance and also then rain will certainly come.The LiftYou require level 2 in reconstruction on the tech screen and 3 adept builders. Put the builders on the lift so they start solving it every at the very same time.The BathYou require level 2 in Reconstruction, a grasp builder, and the Alchemy Room puzzle complete. In the alchemy room, there is a chalkboard. Put the grasp builder close to it for this reason they start drawing plans. Climate villagers can work towards addressing the bath.

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The OrchardYou require the background to carry out this. Anytime it rains, have an adult villager obtain on the lift, castle will knock down a fruit. Then have them plant the fruit. Execute this till there room 3 trees planted. Friend can likewise put a villager on the lift and also have the villagers produce rain. Once every one of the trees room mature, this puzzle will be thought about complete.